Xmas and Beyond!

On December 27, 2010 in News

Christmas Day was one like no other – we closed down Raggamuffin to ensure that all of those who remained on the island, could remain together!

Kevin, looking for his lost bike, was the first of the revelers to commence the party at 7.30am!!! The only member of the crew that was up that early was little Malik who insisted that Kevin and him try out all the toys that Father Christmas was generous enough to bring him – of which of course Kevin obliged!!

At the house we prepared a typically British turkey dinner with sausages, brussel sprouts, green beans, carrots and roast potatoes – the crew, used to their rice and beans were slightly confused at the ‘little cabbages’ on their plate, but enjoyed themselves all the same.

Open house extended throughout the day and everybody made an appearance. Patrick and Paige brought along their friends from Australia, Michael and Jessie, who each hold their own world records for spear fishing (they have come to teach the crew a thing or two!!). Jahlee, Jermain, Kimani, Little Shane and Big Shane, Rafael and Fiona, Edith and even Jacob who was nursing a rather nasty infected finger came over for pain killers, instead of whiskey!!

The only personnel that were missing were Jerry, at home back in Cayo with his family and of course those members on the Christmas overnight – Ramsay, Ellis and Leon!

The next morning was business as usual … the day was beautifully sunny but a cool breeze has settled on the island. The island feels absolutely packed .. there are tourists everywhere, back to the heights of 2008, the recession has gone!!

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