Birthday Wishes For Reynolds

On January 29, 2011 in News

Ren at work doing what he loved. Ren with his boys.

Today we celebrate the birthday of our dear friend, Reynolds Felix Miranda – a.k.a Ren, Reno, Renaissance, Rasta, Fake Rasta, Biggie or simply “the guy who works at Raggamuffin with the big cheeks and HUGE smile.
He would have been turning 29 years old today, and although we wish that he was here celebrating with us, we will all stick together tonight and try to have a good time in his honor, because that is what he would want.

I’m sure as the years go by this day will become easier for us to deal with, but for now the wound is still very fresh. But we will be strong today and focus on the gift that was his life and celebrate the amazing person that he is and they joy that he brought to each of our lives – because that is what he deserves from us.

We miss you Ren, but you are in our hearts today and everyday. We’ll be playing “It’s a holiday” on the stereo for you and drinking a whole lotta rum and cokes in your name.

So cheers and Happy Birthday to you brother! Hope that they are throwing a big party up there tonight for you, like we will be doing down here.

Peace and blessings! R.I.P

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