Patrick & Allie vs The Love FM Kayak Challenge

On June 28, 2011 in Caye Caulker, News, Ragga Crew

On the weekend, as many of you may already know, Captain Patrick and Allie took part in the first Love FM Island Kayak Challenge. The challenge involved Kayaking from Belize City to San Pedro over a period of two days, ending the first day on Caye Caulker. This was no small task but they were both determined to give it a try.

The first day of the race was definitely the most demanding, and two teams dropped out early on. They battled against huge waves to get out of Belize City and paddled none stop until they reached the first check point at St. Georges Caye. Allie had to get out of the kayak and run up the beach to grab a flag and take it over to the officials. They had already been sitting on the kayak for about 4 hours so Allie’s legs could barely hold her up when she tried to run.

They were only half way through the course when they left St. Georges and were feeling very sore and tired. Captain Raf went out as there service boat and followed them the whole way making sure they had enough to drink and giving the fruits and power bars when they needed it……and of cause encouraged them and keep them motivated. He pumped out music from his boat for them to keep their energy and spirits up.

Two hours later they came into Caye Chaple were it was Patrick’s turn to run up and grab a flag. They were on the home stretch to Caye Caulker now and both Patrick and Allie said this was the hardest part because they were so close but so exhausted that the last hour just dragged on……..But after 7 hours they finally turned into the shore and headed towards Central Park as the sound of cheers and applause erupted from the huge group of locals waited on the beach for them. They drifted in with big smiles on their faces, so moved by the support that they were being shown. It was an emotional moment. They came in last that day (besides the 2 teams that dropped out), but to the people of Caye Caulker it was as though they came in 1st! There was an immense feeling of pride in the air. It was incredible.

With aching bodies and blistered hands, Patrick and Allie dragged themselves home for some much needed rest as they had to do it all over again in the morning.

The next day the crowds gathered again as Team Caye Caulker set off with the other eight remaining teams as they paddled towards the finish line at San Pedro. The winds were high and the race route was all in opens seas so it was a tough course but the guys kept up a fast pace and stayed in rhythm the whole way. It was very impressive. Big storm clouds were looming above and you could see the rain coming down in the distance, but it stayed away in the end.

Patrick and Allie were neck and neck with 2 other teams the whole way. They took over one team with ease and left them behind, but they just couldn’t get to the team in front in time and they came in about 5 mins ahead of our guys……But it didn’t matter, they had made it to the end and they couldn’t be happier!!!

Team Caye Caulker ended up coming in 9th overall out of 11 teams but regardless they are heroes to everyone on the island! They were the only mixed team in the race (Big up to Allie for being the only female and giving the men a run for their money) and went up against professional teams after practicing together only twice. They were brave and determined and never gave up and that makes them champions!!!!

Thank you to everyone who showed their support. Patrick and Allie are so grateful. It was your belief in them that got them to the finish line.

Congratulations Allie and Patrick. You have inspired us all!

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