The Return of the Shrek Children by Allie Johnstone

On June 21, 2011 in Marine Series, News

I am happy to report the return of the Spotted Seahorse!! Every year around June and July we begin to find these huge ‘sea slugs’ in the shallow waters around Caye Caulker. You see Caye Caulker is a sort of ‘Temptation Island’ for these crazy looking sea creatures. They come to find mates (note the plural) and get into little sea horse orgies where (hopefully) everybody leaves pregnant. Yeah, these guys/ girls are true hermaphrodites.

Paddling around the caye you can observe these free lovers in mating chains, 3, 4 even 5 horses, all in a line, one on top of each other and being both male and female, they can impregnate each other. After several months of this they head to deeper waters to release their spawn.

Weighing up to 1/4lb they really look like a green, naked rabbit with black circles, crossed with Shrek (they have his ears). When handled too roughly they will ink you!! Beautiful magenta colored ink that smells like iodine, it is non- toxic to humans.

If you’d like to see these lil’ sea monsters, come to Caye Caulker where you can take a kayak by yourselves or even take a guided tour through the mangroves with myself at Toucan Canoe and Kayaks!!

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