Watch Out Lobsters, The 2011 Season Is Offically Open!

On June 15, 2011 in Caye Caulker, News

Lobster traps Lobsters on the grill

Today the lobster season officially opens in Belize for 2011!

For months fisherman have been getting ready for this day, building piles of lobster traps by hand, and then soaking them in the water to make sure they sink before baiting and setting. And today they finally get to pull up their traps and see what a waits inside.

Many people will gather as the fisherman return to shore to buy a few pounds of fresh lobster to take home and cook up, while others will fill the many restaurants on the island to have their share of the first lobsters of the year. The menus will be filled with lobster being served up in a varitey of ways – lobster ceviche, lobster fritters, grilled lobster, coconut lobster, curried lobster, garlic lobster….whatever way your heart desires. It is practically illegal to be eating anything else for dinner tonight :)

Apologizes to those of you who have just left Belize and have missed out on having your own lobster feast……….But don’t worry we will eat your share for you :)

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