Kenny the Cat Man: One of Caye Caulkers un-sung heros!

On August 17, 2011 in Caye Caulker

Cat Ken Ken feeding his cats.

Although he resides on front street, Kennrick Samson, also known as Kenny the Cat Man or even Cat Ken, keeps himself to himself. Ken has given up his life for the benefit of the cats of Caye Caulker and now spends his life nursing, rehabilitating and just plain old taking care of practically the entire cat community of Caye Caulker -and a few dogs! With almost 40 cats currently in his care Ken is like Caye Caulker’s version of Haile Berry in Catwoman as the cats here follow his ever move!

Ken lives on the undeveloped property between the Rainbow Hotel and the Enjoy grocery store right on front street. Many of you will have passed the property – some of you more astute feline types may have met him, but few know the real story.

Ken came upon his collection of cats as if by chance. In 2002, disappointed in the increased amount kittens becoming parent-less due to the dogs that found their parents fair play for a small meal, he took it upon himself to nurse and raise the kittens rather than watch them die. Many nights were spent with a small bottle feeding the kittens until they were strong enough to fend for themselves. Over the months and years, his cat family began to grow and at one stage he had up to 60 cats!

In 2002 he met up with Dawn and Kathy the previous owners of Belize Diving Services and the originators of the Caye Caulker Humane Society. With their assistance Ken, one by one, managed to neuter the cats to cap the cat population explosion on the island. They were also instrumental in his now enormous knowledge in taking care of his cat family both from a health and well being perspective and their general medical needs. Ken’s understanding of his cats enables him to tend to the common ailments such as colds and wounds with the small but effective medicines he has in stock.

For all the good he does for the cats his feline friends and their friendship have also assisted him in becoming alcohol free. Five years ago he felt that his drinking was not good for the health and well being of his extended family and therefore he gave up drinking – this allows his whole focus to be on the cats which are all strong, healthy and good looking specimens – something he is proud of.

Just some of Ken’s cats having something to eat. Kitty having a sleep after lunch.

How does he do it? Ken by day is a man of all trades but most famous for his repair and maintenance of many of the bikes on the island and this is how he funds the enormous up-keep of his animals. He is does all of this not for what he can get in return, not for fame or even money, but for the sheer love of his furry four legged friends!! For that he is one of our Caye Caulker heros – he strives to put the needs of the cats selflessly above his own and for that we are grateful.

If you are on Caye Caulker and passing by Cat Ken’s little sanctuary then perhaps you can offer to make a donation of cat food or medicine to assist him in his endeavours!

  1. Lisa Wintrip Said,

    I love my Kenny … as well as Madi Collins, PAWS rescue at the back of the island. They do their best to allow animals a life…. against all odds. Hi Kenny from Lisa in Calgary, Canada. We chat often. I help with rescue organization from native reserves in Canada !!! Every animal needs a chance ….. reduce population.

  2. Caye Caulker Humane Society Said,

    Ken is a great guy, he knows alot about the care of cats from new born to old age. We are happy to carry on Dawn and Kathys legacy, and have evolved into a Belize non profit and U.S. 501c. We have our own Vet, and offer free services for anyone in need on Caye Caulker. Including Ken. He is always in need of pet food as he has dogs too.

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