Rain cannot stop the dance! – School Independence Day Parade!

On September 16, 2011 in Caye Caulker

The band at the front of the parade King Corbin and Queen Kagan

This is the time of the year that every Belizean absolutely loves – The time for us to ‘Jump up’ and ‘Swing our Engine’ to the familiar carnival beats that celebrate Independence Day! Although the island will have the ‘grown up’ version on the 21st September (stand by to see the photos next week), the school celebrates the Friday before and therefore today Friday 16th!

Both Pre-schools, the Primary and the High School enter into this red, white and blue fashion show and today the show promised to be a good one. The weather looked beautiful this morning and at 10am (do not forget the parade was set to start at 9am – Belizean time) the music was turned up and the children began their long march around the Caye Caulker streets.

Little Stars Pre School The youngest float entry!

Each class, at the beginning of the week, had nominated their own king and queen and dressed an appropriate golf cart to represent them. Some of the smaller children were lucky enough to have a whole trailer behind a cart for them to sit in for the festivities. The children were so hot that they resorted to drinking ‘ideals’ sugar flavored ice poles to battle the heat.

As soon as it all began, before the last cart had turned the first corner, the storm cloud on the horizon decided to rain and rain hard. All of those who were dressed up and sitting on carts or even dancing in the streets were forced to run for shelter in grocery stores, restaurants and whatever cover from the rain they could muster. Although the rain only lasted about 15 minutes, during that time those carts that had been so carefully put together for the occasion, were now awash with red and blue stripes from the dye of the tissue!!!

Shelter from the rain Golf carts left deserted in the rain!

With the rain destroying many of the pretty carts, it could not dampen the children’s enthusiasm and they took their dancing to the Central Park as the music played on – Rain cannot stop the dance … roll on the 21st!!!!

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