September’s Photo of the month! – Manatees come play with tourists at the split!!

On September 30, 2011 in News, Photo of the Month

The split, just before the manatee appeared! Manatee at the split

There was a buzz at the split this week as a manatee came right up to the split to come ‘hang out’ with tourists.

Brandi Gross (along with her husband Landon) were basking in the midday sun at the split when tourists came rushing out onto the sea wall to watch the manatee slowly swim into the split. Brandi, who was in the water was quite sure she was going to miss out on the fun as she could not see what was happening on the other side of the wall. However, patience is a virtue and Brandi’s patience won over when the manatee came around the wall, right up into the shallow area of the split where she was swimming. Luckily she had her camera in her hand to document the event and therefore we are able to post some pictures as proof of the incident!

Up close and personal - manatee at the split!

For this, to celebrate that manatees do indeed love Caye Caulker, we want to make Brandi’s above picture our Facebook photo of the month – thanks Brandi!!

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