The Amazing Sting Rays (at Shark and Ray Alley) By Allie Johnston

On October 21, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Southern Stingray Ellis and Stingray

Last little blog I wrote was about only half the entertainment at this venue in Belize’s warm reef waters off the coast of Ambergris Caye. Today, I have to tell you about the beautiful, the fantastic, Southern Stingray!! Tahdah!

This ray is only one of many species in Belize but they are the ambassadors for all stingrays of the world. Incredibly gentle the females can outgrow the males nearly 2/3rds. Males can grow to 2 ½ ft. And the ladies can get to 6 ft. She also gets to pick, choose or refuse her gentlemen rays. Sometimes sharing herself with various males, she can have up to 10 pups but more than likely no more than four.

The Southern Ray is gray brown, elongated diamond shape with big on top eyes, eyes, that look like goat eyes to me, but cute really. They have opening back of the eyes that they take in water through.
These rays like to eat clams and crustaceans, small fish and even worms, ew, that they dig up by huffing the sand away and flapping their “wings” to find. They have great smelling and touching sense but find the food mostly by electro-reception! Whoa! Big word for me…

Almost forgot to mention the tail which is long and thick. The spine is located half way down and is venomous. But don’t worry stingrays aren’t dangerous unless you choose to harass them without introducing yourself first!!! The Guides at Raggamuffin Sailing Tours know these creatures well and have developed a relationship, if you will. Witnessing this relationship first hand is mind blowing. A must if you get to Caye Caulker.

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