Happy Birthday – Shane Sho

On November 06, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Li Shane Li Shane, Ellis and Big Shane

We have to say a big Birthday shout out to the one and only Li Shane. Some of you may know him as Gaza or even just Shane Sho, but Li Shane as we fondly call him is hardly smaller than Big Shane as many people point out!!

Shane has been working at Raggamuffin for 2 years now and, like many of our favorite team members, he carved his role through dedication and hard work. Shane came over from Belize City to escape the increasing trouble. Having an uncle like our very own Captain Jermain, he watched work on an every day basis. He found himself being used from time and time again and before we knew it, we found him a pivotal member of the team.

Less than a year ago he had earned sufficient ‘stripes’ to allow him to go on the actual tours where he has grown in his success. For those that know Shane they would agree that he is one of the most humble and genuine characters you have met. His diligence, his attention to detail and his drive for himself to become a Captain one day, make him excellent team member at Raggamuffin!

Today we want to say a huge ‘Happy Birthday’ to one of our favorite persons – Shane!!

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