Introducing Ish and Maday!

On November 22, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Maday and Ish

It is with great pleasure that I introduce two of our newest recruits into the Team Raggamuffin – Maday and Ish!

The lovely, Maday Barrera

Maday Barrera joins Edith and Adela in the office, making Raggamuffin firmly one of the most professional and efficiently run Operators in Belize (not to mention beautiful!!!). Maday’s huge smile has been warming up some of the best restaurants on the island and her desire for change was to find a role that would give her the same interaction with people but during the day and not the evening!! Raggamuffin to the rescue!

Maday is 27 years old and I am proud to say was born and raised here on Caye Caulker with all her family around her. She has a strong passion for the ocean and our environment and loves all that Raggamuffin stands for! Maday is famous for traveling around Caye Caulker on her scooter, a hobby that she is passing down to both Edith and Adela (both of whom are acquiring scooters of their own) starting a trend that we can call the ‘scooter girls’!!!


We have had our eye on Israel Badillo or Ish as we know him, for quite sometime. Ish, son of the late and great Rally Badillo (one of the most regarded fisherman and sailor on this island), is more than qualified for the job! Again, he was born and raised in Caye Caulker, he has been working as a Dive Master but the attraction of the fishing and the spearfishing (his greatest hobby) on the overnight tour has made him cross over to Raggamuffin! Ish is not only extremely talented Tour Guide and fisherman, but one of the most genuine people that you will meet on this island – it is a true pleasure to be on a boat with him!

We want to give a huge Raggamuffin ‘welcome’ to our newest members of the crew – Ish and Maday!!

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