Happy Birthday Sweet Adela

On December 09, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Adela and Joannie Sexy Adela

We want to say a huge ‘Happy Birthday’ to our newest ‘honey’ in the office, Adela Chavarria, sister of our beloved Edith turned 27 years of age today!!!

Adela is not one for pomp and ceremony she actually wanted her birthday to go un-noticed … can you imagine that, at Raggamuffin!!! Her gift to herself is her ruby red scooter that she prizes above all other possessions, other than say her sweet daughter Joannie. Adela is proud of her sweet baby girl as she (most of the time) tops her class as Mummy keeps her very much in check – average is not part of this families vocab!!

The day was miserable and rainy so there was not much to get excited about – other than her ceviche at the end of the day!! Do not worry, we know that Adela likes to ‘break out’ occasionally .. we will make sure that she does just that at the Raggamuffin Crew Xmas Party!!

Happy Birthday Adela … may you are blessed with many more!!

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