Raggamuffin Crew Xmas Party 2011!!!

On December 20, 2011 in Ragga Crew

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Due to the fact that many of the crew will be out on the high seas this Christmas, we orchestrated the one night in Xmas week (last night, Monday 19th December) for everybody to be in town for our ‘family’ Xmas party. The get together involved a few drinks, plenty of turkey dinner and our 2011 Raggamuffin Crew Awards!! The venue was the fantastic new ‘Chat n Chill’ bar, located beach-side (opposite the Happy Lobster). The party opened the new bar – you could say that Raggamuffin christened the location!!

Chris, Jacob and Kevin (Ragga's Employee of the Year!) Ramsay, Jerry (Mr Personality 2011) and Li Shane (Most Improved 2011)

The Awards are our annual way of the crew rewarding those who have done well or improved over the year. Each member of the crew gets a voting sheet that they nominate their colleagues. It was no surprise that everyone’s favorite Captain Kevin won Employee of the Year – in fact, Kevin received more votes than everyone else put together!!!!!

Chris, Charlie and Patrick Raf, Alli, Shane and Kevin

Mr or Mrs Personality went to Captain Jerry – for once Jerry was absolutely lost for words when he won the Award – very amusing!! Our ‘Un-Sung Hero Award’ went to Chris and the Most Improved for 2011 was jointly won by the two Shanes! Congratulations boys … well deserved!!

Ish and Big Shane (Most Improved 2011 Jimmy and Ellis

  1. Leslie Smith Said,

    Congratulations to Kevin, Shane, and all the others! We can’t wait to come back and sail with you again!
    Leslie and Tim

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