Raggamuffin’s Scooter Girls!

On January 24, 2012 in Ragga Crew

Edith, Adela and Maday with their scootersScooters that are NOT for rent!

The Ragga Scooter girls .. sometimes known as Charlie’s Angels are causing quite a storm here on the island. Maday has had her scooter for about 2 years and when she started working at Raggamuffin, Edith and Adela (who live near Maday) realized that life could be much easier with a scooter!!

Edith’s scooter was a present from her husband (ah, how romantic) but Adela financed her red chariot herself. All girls are obsessively clean about their scooters … when it is raining and their are puddles, the ladies would rather take a taxi than get their bikes wet!!!

The funny thing is that when the girls are in the office, the scooters lined up outside Raggamuffin makes tourists feel that they are for rent. Regularly the ladies have to inform persons that their scooters are not for rent, even when the tourist is quite insistent!!!

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