Superheros Party on Caye Caulker!!

On January 26, 2012 in Caye Caulker

Superheros with Tammy (Zorro) in the centrePoison Ivy and Robin the boy wonder (David Tong)

My son ‘Mummy, do you know that Superman and Iron Man are down at the Split??’ … Mummy ‘Son, you have been watching too much television, time for you to go to bed!!’

The past few days, 33 young revelers came from Houston and Calgary to Caye Caulker to celebrate Tammy Weir’s 40th birthday party. David Tong’s brother got married last year over New Years Eve and Tammy was one of the guests … it was during this time that the bright idea was born to host her birthday here on the island.

Flash and Captain AmericaSuperheros enjoy the split!

David, now a firm friend of Raggamuffin, then put together a sweet itinerary for the guests including hiring out the whole of Seaside Cabanas for the guests, island BBQ’s, snorkeling, diving and of course the whole group got together on one of Raggamuffin’s famous sunset cruises!!

However, the highlight of their stay for the islanders was their Superhero Party. All the guest dressed up as their favorite superhero, walking down front street shortly after sunset and turning heads!! For many, we felt blessed to be allowed to somehow participate in their celebrations as their costumes were for everybody, not just the party goers themselves, including children!

Thank you David, Tammy and all of OUR Superheros!!!

  1. David Tong Said,


    I love you guys! You and Ellis have always been amazing people and now wonderful friends. Thank you so much for not just helping, but being a huge party of celebrating Tammy’s 40th Birthday.

    You can certainly expect me to return in the years to come. I’ll be certain to always bring people that will share the love for life as you do.

    David, Houston, TX

  2. Tammy Said,

    This post is super!!! Thank you Raggamuffin for an excellent time and all great service we had!! You made my birthday so memorable and it will be something I remember forever! Everyone should head south and enjoy this island of Caye Caulker……amazing, amazing ….AMAZING!!
    See you next time..

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