Commencing our beach project!

On February 17, 2012 in Caye Caulker

The Excavator That is one big shovel!

Erosion of our coastline or island is an evil we are constantly aware of – none of us want to see Caye Caulker disappear!! One of the methods of protecting our beaches is by creating sea walls that do not erode or move away with the tide, thus creating what we would call a beach.

In order to protect our island and of course add to its immense beauty the Village Council are commencing work to build a beach wall from Toms Hotel, right up until Popeyes. The wall will reach out 35ft from the current island line and obviously will be a huge benefit to the island.

The Excavator, the huge digger that will assist the project arrived on the island last week and the team of engineers and builders arrived on the island this morning. The project will be expected to take at least 2 months.

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