Caye Caulker votes unanimously against offshore oil drilling!

On March 01, 2012 in Caye Caulker

Signage for the Event Polling Station

Caye Caulker voted yesterday unanimously against drilling for oil in Belize. Villagers blackened their finger in the voting process and this became a sign of solidarity for this issue!!

Oceana made a countrywide push for a referendum to stop drilling for offshore oil in Belize and the vote was a huge success. Figures for Caye Caulker alone were 465 saying ‘No’ and 9 voted ‘Yes’ to the drilling!! The numbers may seem low but bear in mind that only those that were registered to vote were permitted to place their mark it is the the huge difference in for and against we are looking for!!

Chocolate shows his support Inking fingers!

Throughout the country of Belize the results were similar, speaking volumes to our Government to revisit the law and ban it totally from Belize!! Perhaps now the Government will listen????

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