‘Phil’ and his amazing balloons!

On March 19, 2012 in Caye Caulker

Phil or Balloon Man surrounded by kids Balloon hat

Phil has been a clown for more than 20 years travelling around the globe, entertaining children in more than 30 countries as a traditional ‘white faced’ clown. Serious illness a year ago made him re-asses his priorities in life and, importantly, now prevents him from wearing the white make-up for his former clown character. And with this Phil was born .. his new, no white character he is finding a different and wonderful way of entertaining children!

This is Phil’s 3rd visit here in Belize and in all his experience in his globetrotting years he believes that he has found a very special place in Belize and indeed Caye Caulker (we agree with him!!). This week island children have been entranced with his balloon and indeed hat creations and he has caused quite a stir.

Balloon hats are not just for kids! More balloon hats

The children on the island will be in for a big treat as on Thursday afternoon at 3pm Phil will be performing on the beach outside Raggamuffin!!! So, if you are young or old come along and enjoy the colorful scene!!

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