The beach at the Split

On March 30, 2012 in Caye Caulker, News

The new sea wall on the western side of the split. The inside of the wall before the sand

It is work in progress but we thought you might be interested to see that actual progression of the new beach at the Split before it is finally finished next week.

As you can see from above, the Western side of the split will be increasing the beach size by creating a protective wall and filling it with sand. The wall is built up using pimento (wood) and will eventually look much more natural than many sea walls around the island!

Sand filing the wall and more sand!

The sand is not obtained by the contentious dredger but brought in by boat loads from various locals dug from the back of the island. It has taken a painstaking week to get this far and therefore I would expect that completion would be next week … we will have photos!!

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