Happy Birthday Dane!

On April 30, 2012 in Ragga Crew

Dane and KevinChris, Dane and Shane

From one of the original crew members birthdays to our newest addition to the team, Dane’s birthday!!

Dane joined the Raggamuffin crew back in January and he has settled into the family like he has been here for years!  We were truly blessed when Dane scouted us out as he is extremely experienced (one of the few Tour Guides on Caye Caulker that has his Senior Tour Guide License) and he has the kind of personality that is difficult not to like!!

As with all our Tour Guides, everybody has to learn to each others job and for Dane his priority at the moment is to master to sail a boat so that we can officially call him Captain Dane!!  Watch this space, perhaps this time next year Dane will be a fully fledged Captain!!

Happy Birthday Dane from all your family here at Raggamuffin – we wish you many more!!

  1. Marti Pattinson Said,

    Happy belated b’day Dane… You did not even tell us on our awesome trip!

  2. Suz Said,

    Happy belated birthday Dane! Hopefully you got that itchy stomach taken care of :)

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