Kids swim with sharks! – The Belize Shark Project.

On April 23, 2012 in Belize, Caye Caulker, News

We are not afraid of sharks!!Sharks don't scare this student!

Last week we touched on the work of the Belize Shark Project and today we will continue.

To summarize, the shark population in Belize has decreased alarmingly here in Belize due to overfishing.  The BSP intends through research, education and regulation to stem this decline and therefore to sustain healthy and functional ecosystems.

Education is high on the priorities for Rachel Graham (Belize’s resident shark expert/ aquatic Jane Godall and pioneer of the BSP).  Due to Rachel’s successful work in protecting the magnificent Whale Sharks off the coast of Belize and Mexico she won the 2011 Gold Award from the Whitley Fund for Nature based in the UK.  These funds she channels back into education in her community by two pronged approach.

Firstly informing those currently within the industry of the importance of the sharks in their ecosystem – meetings were held in both Caye Caulker and San Pedro the beginning of this month.  And then secondly and equally as importantly to educate the youth of the Belize that sharks are not to be feared but encourage them to protect them for the future of their ocean.

Rachel with students in water yesterday!Happy Kids!

Yesterday was one of those special days for 20 students from Punta Gorda traveled down to Belize City for a weekend of their dreams.  Their original destination was the Shark and Ray Alley in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve but due to the unexpected strong North West wind, the trip was re-routed to the slightly smaller Caye Caulker Marine Reserve Shark and Ray Village.

Their vessel was the limosine of the water – Belize Dive Services, Maera and therefore their ride out was smooth and without  problems.  The students and their three teachers, oblivious to the difference in reserve were still absolutely delighted at their very first experience out with the numbers of stingrays and of course the sharks.  All students successfully got into the water and interacted with the marine life and conquered their fears whilst gaining confidence that these sharks were indeed nothing that they should fear.

Certificate for Belize's Shark AmbassadorsProud Punta Gorda shark students!

As if icing on the cake .. the students, as a reward for their good endeavors, were brought back to Caye Caulker for lunch at 88 West.  After lunch and all the chatter about their morning each student received a certificate by Rachel that titled them as a ‘Belize Shark Ambassador’!!!  And then their final ride home and back to Belize City.

Previously students from Sarteneja had undertaken a similar day out to Hol Chan.  If you want to enjoy their experience, click here for the video for this wonderful day.

These small but pivotal steps towards educating our youth in Belize plays a huge role in the safety of these very much endangered creatures – thank you Rachel, the BSP and BDS!!!!


  1. Martin Guglielminetti Said,

    I found in Cozumel Island, a group of lobsters fishermans who hunted a shark. This beautiful shark was sleeping under the reef at 120 feet in the northern area of the island.
    I have found a tag on his dorsal fin, number 0924, the information (what´s readable) says:
    shark reward – Ph 501(5)22153
    PO box 2310 Belize City .
    unfortunately this shark was killed on the first week of january 2013.
    Let me know if you need the tag mailed to you and please count on me for anything else I can do for you.
    Best Regards.

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