Caye Caulker is mosquito-less – or do I speak to soon?

On May 19, 2012 in Caye Caulker, News


For anyone that has spent any amount of time on this island there is definitely a seasonality for our least favorite critters – mosquitos and sandflies!

We find that in the dry season between November to May these lay almost dormant, bothering us little in the populated areas of Caye Caulker.  Typically after the first rain (generally in June) these flies descend on the town as a swarm and the grocery shops almost sell out of coils and vapes to counter these flying demons!!

This week we experienced our first rains (slightly early but not unheard of)!  Rain is a blessing at this time of the year as they washed down the dust from buildings, brighten the green of leaves in the trees, water vats fill up and those with allergies have finally stopped coughing!  This combined with the fact that most of the rainfall happens at night and therefore are days are largely dry and with sunshine, the rain is definitely most welcome!

However what is absent are the flies … where are they?  This week was their call to action and yet there is no apparent action!!  We are not complaining of course and perhaps we have spoken too soon – but could there be a mosquito party going on in Mexico that all of our flying gems are attending and therefore they are not here?  Or, perhaps a more likely explanation – the diligent spraying from some week’s ago brought down the mosquito population in advance of the rain???

If the later explanation is the reason then the Village Council are to be thanked – the management for the foresight in organizing the the obviously strategic battle and for ‘Tiger and crew’ for painstakingly spraying the island both morning (and I mean EARLY morning) and evening!


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