Happy Birthday Captain Kevin!

On May 15, 2012 in Ragga Crew

Cheers Captain Kevin!Tour Guide Kevin

Shamefully we have to actually write, Happy belated Birthday Captain Kevin as this slipped by yesterday without many of us realizing our error!!  Kevin came back yesterday from an overnight and said little about his plans for the rest of the day and we all presumed that he would be sleeping after he commanded Ragga Queen back from Placencia!!  Luckily we made up for it last night at the I&I and the Oceanside!!

Kevin is always going to be one of the most popular members of the Ragga crew both in the office and on the boats with crew and passengers alike and if you knew him, you would really understand why!!  Kevin came to Raggamuffin about 6 years ago without direction or expectation – and yet since his arrival, this budding artist, photographer and obviously Captain and Tour Guide has flourished on this island!

For all of those who do not have the privilege to really know this man, it is really difficult to define what makes Kevin so very special.  As a friend and colleague he is un-deniably loyal and his deep, humble sincerity, generosity and selflessness for all that surrounds him makes him so very unique.  Kevin is truly an inspiration to many of those that are following in his footsteps like both Shane’s, Chris and Dylan making them realize that they too with hard work can reach as far as Kevin.

Happy belated Birthday Kevin and we truly proud to have him as part of our Raggamuffin Family!

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