Happy Birthday Edith!

On May 05, 2012 in Ragga Crew

Adela, Edith and Ali on Edith's wedding day!Ali and Edith with their handsome son Anthony!

There is one member of our huge Raggamuffin family that we all rely on, we all look up to and although she is just turning 26 years old today, she is a mother like figure to many – even Jimmy and Charlie!!!

This has been Edith’s year as she has managed to put in place the foundation for her future. ┬áBack at the end of 2011 we all made our way to Orange Walk to witness her wedding with Ali Cansino and earlier in that same year and up to this day she has been building her and her families house (very much with the assistance of both Ali and her parents help) – not to forget she is now the proud owner of a fantastic new golf cart!!!

Kevin and EdithEdith and Charlie

Everything Edith has created for herself and her family she deserves as it is all built on hard work and love! ┬áRaggamuffin is a true testament to that as Edith is firmly in control as the Manager and as she flourishes, so do we! – Thank you Edith!

Today we want to make a huge shout out to one of the favorite members of the Raggamuffin crew, Edith – Happy Birthday and wishing you many more!!

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