‘Women of Caye Caulker’ Documentary due to start filming!

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The ladies of Caye CaulkerBlayd (Wendy's youngest son) and her mother Ms Ilna Auxillou

Wendy Auxillou, one of the four dynamic Auxillou sisters to have been born and raised in Caye Caulker – is returning in July to create a documentary to highlight these amazing women’s stories as they have been instrumental in shaping the Caye Caulker we have today!

The documentary will definitely be fascinating to all of those of us that have even a half interest in this tiny island as these ladies struggles need to be told to preserve our history.  The director is asking for funding for the project and indeed at Raggamuffin have made our pledge, however more money needs to be raised for the film to get underway.

For those who want to make a donation, click here.

According to the funds site ……


The women of Caye Caulker who were instrumental in shaping the history of this tiny Belizean island of my childhood, when the population totaled less than 400 inhabitants about 40 years ago are now dying off, and their stories have never been told.  These heroic women endured hardships and innumerable challenges in this harsh frontier environment, and persevered.  My own mother is now 80 years old, yet her own story of being the most educated woman on this tiny island village where there was no electricity until the 1990′s has never been told.  She persevered, despite the deep-rooted poverty and lack of educational opportunities, and went on to become the first local principal of the elementary school.  This is her story, and the story of all the other Hicaquena women whose sacrifices have never been recorded … until now.


We will be documenting the lives of 20 women of Caye Caulker Village in Belize, from their earliest history on the island until now.  Many of the women are now in their 80′s.  Their stories are dying off along with them, and a rich history of struggle, entrepreneurship and endurance in the face of adversity is being lost along with them.  This must be preserved.


We will be producing a 1.5 to 2.0 hour documentary on the lives of these women from childhood until now — how life has evolved over the passage of time for them, what they think of development on their once laid-back island village, the cultural traditions that have been lost in the process, and what they think of all the changes they have seen in their lifetimes.

This will be a made-for-local-television documentary, plus a 1000 “print” run on DVD and flash drive, for those would like personal copies.  It will also be distributed to local schools as an educational tool, and to the national archives of Belize as a historical archive.


I will be heading to Belize in the next few weeks to begin filming of the documentary.  The final product should be ready by the end of September 2012.

Again, if anybody sees the value in this documentary, please pledge your donation by clicking here.

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