Countdown to Lobster Fest 2012!!

On June 19, 2012 in Belize, Caye Caulker, News

CC Lobster Fest 2012's location - the PalapasRagga crew at last years bash!

Only 10 days to go to the celebration of the year, Caye Caulker’s Lobster Fest 2012!

Each day this week we will be counting down to the party and food fest that locals and tourists  mark off on their calendar annually!!

The island is in full preparation with the Miss Lobster Fest contestants have even been cave tubing in their roles in promoting the event. ┬áRaggamuffin is officially now sponsoring the ‘Greasy Pole’ competition … we just love to see those suckers slip and slide up and down the pole and each other in their endeavours to get to a bottle of rum!! (Tell them to come on our tour and the rum is free!!! – no need to mutilate yourself!!)

Anyway – if you are sitting on that fence and thinking ‘would that be the kind of thing I would enjoy’, have a leap of faith and get out of your couch and come along and join us – you won’t regret it!!


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