Ragga boats commence their annual renovations!

On June 26, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Culture, News, Ragga Crew

Ragga Prince, out of the water to dry.Prince

Each year much time, effort and money goes into maintaining our fleet of boats.  June is the month where we commence this work as it is traditionally slow for business.  Ragga Prince is the first boat to be hauled up and, as you can see from the photos she has already dried and had numerous repairs to her already.

The wooden boats that are 75% of our fleet are modeled on the traditional wooden fishing boats.  Wooden boats need far more maintenance than the lighter fiberglass versions and therefore they are painted twice a year (June and November).  The work we do in June entails the boats to be dried out and for repairs such as replacing braces or planks, re-corking and eventually giving the boat that water tight seal (the gluvit) applied liberally to the boat.   After the boat has been repaired then the re-painting takes about a week to finally finish off the boat.

The work we do in June is a general re-touch of paint and does not require the boats to get haul out of the water at all.

Ragga Prince, due to the fact that it was originally a fishing boat that we converted to do tours is older than the other two wooden boats (Ragga King and Gal) as they were both made to our specifications.  This means that Ragga Prince takes by far the longest to repair and which is why she is always out of the water the first!!

Ragga King and Ragga Prince after they finished their renovations last June.

The finished product should be something like the photo above … these boats become an attraction for photographers around the world as they look like a perfectly painted toy for the next few months!!


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