Raggamuffin’s baby turns 3 yesterday!

On June 11, 2012 in News, Ragga Crew

Zahara and her fairy wingsJimmy masterminding the mermaid pinata

She is very much the youngest member of the Raggamuffin crew, Zahara Jones, turned three yesterday.  In true girly fashion the trees around Raggamuffin were adorned in pink and purple balloons and ribbons Рthe mermaid pinata swung in the strong breeze of the afternoon.

BFF - Zahara and SkylarThe after party at the Split!

She invited all her little friends (and some bigger ones like Ellis, Shane & Shane, Chris and Jerry!!) and put on her fairy wings and treated her guests to chips and dip, pinata, cake and goodie bags – all washed down with much soda made for a festive afternoon for the 3 year old!

As the sun began to set and the children began to yawn, the birthday took on a new twist.  Zahara and her older brother Malik went home to count their sweets and the rest of the Ragga crew took the party (Raggamuffin style) to the split and eventually the I&I Рneedless to say heads are hurting this am.

Happy Birthday sweet Zahara!

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