Captain Kevin and his snorkelers save turtle in Hol Chan!!

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Alexandra (and her extremely good humored friends), flanked by Madai and Adela - with 'save the turtle' KevinThe HCMR crew painstakingly extracting tar from the turtles mouth yesterday!

Yes, can you believe it but yesterday at Hol Chan, Captain Kevin and a group of G Adventure snorkelers found a turtle covered in oil and saved its life!!

The group were out snorkeling in the Channel with Captain Kevin being their guide, when they came upon the motionless turtle.  The turtle initially looked dead and covered in black oil that surrounded it but when they lifted out of the water and away from the oil the turtle looked to try and gasp for air.  Kevin removed the excess oil from its mouth and quickly summoned the attention of the Marine Park Rangers who quickly took the injured turtle back to San Pedro to be treated!!

Green turtle after tar was removed

Initially all concerned, including Rangers felt that the turtle had traveled some miles with the oil as this had been an isolated incident that day and there were no reported oil spills around San Pedro that day.  However, the day was far from over!!

Only minutes after the turtle was saves, continuing with their snorkeling of the Reserve the same group encountered yet another patch of oil and this time snorkeler Alexandra Bagge from the UK managed to tangle herself in the heavily sticky black liquid!!  Enough was enough and the extremely good humored group made their way back home and commenced on the intensive job of trying to get the oil out of Alexandra’s hair (gasoline and huge amount of shampoo) right outside the Raggamuffin office – everybody was involved as Madai and Adela drove poor Alexandra to the clinic to try and save her hair!!

We are happy to say that Alexandra’s hair is looking as good as ever and experience is now quite a story to tell her friends!!

The Hol Chan office reported this morning that the turtle is doing better than yesterday – he is under strict observation and they are hoping that he continues to improve and can be set back into the reserve as soon as possible.  They are very much looking into the cause of the oil as there is no drilling here in Belize and as mentioned, there were no reported oil spills from boats.  What is a small possibility is that there can often be natural oil spills from a location called Rocky Point – all of these are being looked into to avoid this unusual incident from happening again!!

Keep up the good work Hol Chan Marine Reserve staff!!


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