Ragga King returns looking good!

On July 23, 2012 in News, Ragga Crew

Ragga King finished renovationsRagga King - notice the bottom of the boat needed new planks

All boats need an enormous amount of tender loving care but particularly wooden boats.  Our three wooden boats (Ragga King, Ragga Prince and Ragga Gal) get re-painted twice a year – one of those times the paint job requires pulling the entire boat out of the water to dry and renovate old and rotten planks or seating, applying a resin to the boat to make them ‘water tight’ and then  finally the re-painting.

Ragga Prince, after renovations but before her name was painted back on!

This is the time of the year that the boats are one by one are hauled up out of the water and when each one is finished, it is like a beautiful work of art!!  Ragga Prince (our green sailboat) always takes the longest as she is the oldest of our wooden boats and drying her tends to take much longer.  She was pulled up at the end of May and Ragga King commenced her work two weeks ago.

Over the past two weeks King required a number of planks replaced, the seating, the stairs and even the cock-pit have all been renovated.  She has also a 35 gallon gas tank added inside her to increase the amount of space we have during the overnights.

The November overhaul is merely just painting the inside of the boats as within the next few months, the boats will need it!!  And for all those asking – yes of course we have thought that fibre-glassing the boats would minimise the enormous work and costs that the wood boats require – however, these are traditional Belizean built boats and that is the way our passengers like them!!

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