After Ernesto has left …

On August 09, 2012 in Caye Caulker, News

Sunshine and good breeze this morning!Vito and Jacob to work this morning!

The real damage that any Tropical Storm and or Hurricane creates is the loss in tourism.  It is catastrophic and even more so in the month of August our expected ‘high season’ the time when you are suposed to be ‘banking’ money for the upcoming slow season.

Ernesto only real damage, like 99% of the storms that we are affected by (both meaning even hit or at some point within the projected path) was the loss of tourists.  The scaremongering that is created with the media hype and ignorance of accurate information (perpetuated on the most part by those who have no stake hold in the industry), causes future tourists that intended on coming to Caye Caulker to change their plans without any need to at all.  If anyone would feel sorry for us in any way, feel sorry for that – not the life threatening winds, which were never at any point life threatening, even if the storm hit head on!!!

Yesterday the island ‘un-packed’ and set back up all bars, restaurants, dive and snorkel shops – back ready for business this morning!  The packing and un-packing process is time consuming.  Each and every time you pack your items away to safety knowing the exercise is almost completely unecessary as you know the storm will not actually do any damage, however, the one time you do not prepare yourself, is the day that one of these storms do actually hit – namely Hurricane Keith 2000!

Today, business as usual – as expected the whole island has had some cancellations for various hotel bookings and even tours for this weekend.  Why, through ignorance and stupidity – definitely anything to do with Ernesto.  However, today we woke up with beautiful sunshine and a strong breeze.  Tomorrow more sunshine, less breeze and an isolated chance of showers – no Tropical Storms or Hurricanes forecast!!!!

In summary, if you or even you know someone who is intending miss Caye Caulker out of your travels due to this storm or any other storm, think again!! – the impact of your decision to not come to Caye Caulker directly effects all of us here and you miss out on arguably the highlight of Belize!!


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