Caye attractions of Caye Caulker!

On August 13, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Exploring Caye Caulker

The famous sandy streets of Caye CaulkerPicture perfect docks

Increasingly we are finding that Caye Caulker is finding itself toping the ratings tables for popularity in various media publications or websites around the world – but can you put your finger on the button as to what makes the island so special??

One can definitely not pin-point its success to one particular restaurant, hotel, bar or even snorkel or dive operator as we are but a small piece in the jigsaw puzzle that creates the bigger picture.   Our success lies in our island’s unique charm and beauty and for that everyday we are grateful!!

Sandy streets – where else in the world can you stroll up the main high street, blown in the breeze, with the most magnificent view of the reef.  Our sandy streets give us that laid back and ‘un-touched’ feeling that you have gone back 50 years or so in time to a small fishing village in Belize and nowhere else in the world is quite the same.

Along with the sandy streets come the lack of motorized transportation – most walk barefoot or use bicycles and even electric golf carts are chosen above engines – nothing moves too fast on this island!!

Belize is diverse in its cultures and nowhere so more than Caye Caulker.  The ‘go-slow’ vibe of the island makes you feel you are less in Latin America but in the Carribean and with English widely spoken tourists can engage easily in conversations with all the local characters on the island.

The island is famous for its local food sold on the beach at affordable prices – various vendors are doing this excellently well serving fresh lobster, fish and shrimp fresh off the BBQ for their customers to be able to eat on the beach front.

The Split during the day and the I&I for the night time party.  Not that I wanted to name businesses but it has to be said that the I&I is synonymous with Caye Caulker.  With it’s rasta charm, its famous swings and hammocks, it has been around since the dawn of the island and everybody at sometime in their short or long stay has ‘swung their engine’ to its beats!!

The most beautiful blues in the worldThe Split, Caye Caulker

The Split is the day time hang out spot for sun worshipers, the social butterflies and for those who just want to dive into the aqua marine water.  There is no doubt that the Split holds a special place in every bodies heart as those from all around Belize come to enjoy a ‘bucket of beer’ with their feet in the ocean!!

And to top all of that – as that is not enough – at our doorstep we have the most beautiful reef in the world.  People travel far and wide to witness the beauty of our ocean and the ecosystem within it – for us it is the jewel in our crown and we are immensely proud of it.

For each and everyone, your love affair with this tiny island is so very personal and most likely not like any other place in the world.  We are thankful that we live here and are blessed enough to work here as Caye Caulker is truly paradise!!


  1. Pamela Said,

    I’d say it’s the unpretentious atmosphere. I hope that increased tourism never changes that. Say NO to paved streets and motorized vehicles.

    I love Caye Caulker and hope to return soon.

  2. Mike Desabrais Said,

    Since my first visit CC has been like a lover I cannot get off my mind. I’m not sure how or why, it is just that way. Love cannot be explained, but I certainly LOVE this little place and the friendly folks I have befriended there.

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