Happy Birthday Ish!!

On September 20, 2012 in Ragga Crew

Ish with Jerry!Captain Ish!

Today we have a big shout out to one of our biggest characters at Raggamuffin – Captain Ish!!  Ish is a fairly new recruit in Raggamuffin terms ie he has only been with us a year but in that time he has already had a huge impact rising to Captain within the shortest time I can remember, never mind the fact that he will start leading tours come November!

Island boy, accomplished fisherman and seaman he is Raggamuffin through and through and he really is still only a baby!!  Ish’s huge lovable personality combined with his exceedingly professional nature makes him a hit with everybody that travels with him and for us, a man that we can very much rely on to get the job done!

Ish’s birthday lands on the eve of Belize’s Independence day and therefore this means that he can guarantee that island will be partying with him tonight – we have already received our invitation to his house for his pre-fireworks party, so if you are on the island … you are given full permission to crash the party and join us!!

Happy Birthday Ish!!!!!

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