School opens and unveils the 2 new classrooms.

On September 03, 2012 in Caye Caulker, News

The two new classrooms!Inside the new classroom!

Today was the beginning of the new school year for the Caye Caulker’s Roman Catholic School and all children from age 5 to 12 years old were in attendance for this very important day of the year.  Everybody has a new teacher, a new classroom and maybe even some new friends added into their class from last year.

For some this day was one that they eagerly awaited and for others, there were a few tears and dragging of feet to come through the school gates!!  And then there are those who are attending school for the first time, these small students looking with great excitement in their eyes, a sense of achievement that they are now part of the ‘big kid’ ranks.

School Assembly

With the ever increasing population here on Caye Caulker, so does the demand for additional space in order to educate its children.  This year the Village Council and the Area Representative – along with generous donations from Seaside Cabanas and a number of other businesses, including the Lobster Fest Committee, have furnished us with two new classrooms.  Each classroom is large enough to sit comfortably at least 30 children and with ceiling fans and a fresh coat of paint, the new Standard I classmates are happy that this will be there new home for the next year.

Although this is a welcome necessity for our children’s education, Miss Bea in her opening remarks to the school in Assembly admitted that there is a heavy demand for more classrooms as the size of the classes for this community are growing to the point of requiring them to be split.  But without no space, this is impossible.  If anybody does know of how or if they could assist us – please contact Raggamuffin!

We want to pass on our thanks for all those involved in the creation of the two new classrooms and also to  wish good luck for all those students in the up-coming year!


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