September so far …

On September 12, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Culture

All hotels have vacancies!Beautifully sunny days!

Firstly we have to remark that September’s weather has been unusually glorious.  Yes, we have been experiencing hot weather but the traditional September cloud and overcast skies are not present – sunshine has been continuous and with that we have happy tourists and islanders – the law of averages would suggest that a little rainfall should be on its way before September closes??

Tourism is definitely down on previous years Septembers.  The streets are unusually slow, some would say that they never really picked up after Hurricane Ernesto and we would tend to agree.  The Split is populated with a more local vibe than tourist – not a bad thing a local energy is always a good one but the balance is necessary for everyone to sustain an income.

It must be noted that tourism perhaps is just taking a different pattern than previous years as the high season this year saw an increase – it is just this slow period that appears to have taken a drop – could this be accounted for the numbers of hurricane scares in this period over the last few years??

Along with the drop in tourism we have noticed a closing of businesses slightly earlier than usual – Habaneros, Don Coroleone, Rainbow, Barefoot Caribe and Sandbox have all been closed the past week – not to mention that the cake lady has dropped a number of her daily outings!!!

September 10th on the island went past without a drum, a whistle or a swinging of engine – this is not unusual.  We are hoping that the September Celebrations Committee have got it all in store for us for September 21st as we are all saving ourselves for this big bang!!  Roll on September!!

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