Tico – the ‘Jew fish slayer’!!

On September 05, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Ragga Crew

Tico's Jew Fish - or Goliath!!

Tico Raquena is now infamous for his deadly spearfishing skills with the giants of the sea – the Jew Fish and today confirmed this once again.

Tico went out fishing with a number of islanders yesterday (Tuesday) and due to the wonderfully calm weather, they went out to the blue – outside the reef!  As a fishing expedition in one boat, it seems obvious that not all the men on the boat can fish with rods – therefore Tico armed himself with his weapon of choice (his speargun).

Goliath of the Ocean

Although you can see from the pictures that this was quite a sizeable fish and very few fisherman can ever claim a catch of this size, this is not an isolated incident for Tico.  Only a year ago he turned up at the Split with two Jew fish, both the same size as the one that he caught today – his partner in this escapade being his 14 year old son – Karl Raquena!!!!

Although much can be said about Tico’s prowess on the speargun, a huge factor to the success of catching this fish is the teamwork necessary for those in the boat, to haul onboard this Goliath of the ocean!  A big hand has to be given to Emmanuel Rodriguez (Tol) and Emilio Novelo who completed the task!!

Tico yesterday made fun of his spectators and sized up his catch by holding Raggamuffin Junior – Malik against the fish – much to Malik’s terror!!

The fish has already been filleted and each and every part will go to supporting a number of island families in the months of September and October where business is very much slower!!  Thank you Tico and Crew!!


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