The Israelis dominate September and October!

On October 12, 2012 in News

Group of Israeli tourists enjoying sunset with Ragga King in the background.Israel's flag

Back in November 2009 a visa waiver was signed between Israel and Belize and to this day I am sure that nobody expected the positive effect that it would have for us here in Caye Caulker – and most likely the rest of the tourism areas here in Belize.

Since 2009 the numbers of Israeli tourists have increased beyond our wildest dreams.  Israelis are excellent travelers, September is their traditional ‘holiday’ month for Israelis but for us it is particularly those that have finished their required military service that pack their bags and want to explore the world, falling for the charm of Caye Caulker!!!

Belize has long been seen as ‘too expensive and or difficult to get to’ and therefore Mexico, Guatemala etc have been benefiting from their presence.  But, slowly but surely, each year more and more have discovered our island and now their highly efficient communication system that runs through those that travel through Central America, have firmly put Caye Caulker on the map!

Israelis seem exceedingly open to the new cultures that they are exploring whilst still traveling in groups together.  They love the laid back vibe and of course the beauty of our island and they have been very much supportive of us at Raggamuffin so we must also believe that they love quality snorkeling too!!

To be truthful, the Israeli’s have saved the day – without them it must be unanimous in saying that September and indeed October would be a desert with regard to tourists and, on the back of the fact that the Italian traffic this August was sadly much less than expected, we welcome them with open arms!!

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