What Raggamuffin’s do on their time off!

On October 19, 2012 in Ragga Crew

Ragga Queen in the middle of renovations.Ragga Gal in the middle of renovations.

We are closed for the month of October and it is a month that we re-energize and renovate!  Many of the crew .. Ramsay, Jacob, Ellis and Kimani .. are spending their time off with their loved ones around the globe.  For others of us with responsibilities in Belize and perhaps even children we are locked to the island and therefore we holiday here on the island.

For the boats and the equipment the vacation is one of renovation.  Ragga King and Prince already were dry docked during June but in a week’s time, they will get their second lick of paint for the year to ensure that they are looking good for the up coming season.

Ragga Queen – the largest of our boats is currently at Moho Caye in Belize City.  They have an electric crane that they can haul boats out of the water so that they can sit on land.  These beauties in the water somehow look a little like sitting ducks out of the water but the process is necessary for renovation.  Ragga Queen, although now almost entirely fibre glassed it has had time to dry and sanded and soon she will be painted from top to bottom.  This boat gets by far more use than all our boats and the cost of maintaining her quite definitely is the same as all the other three wooden boats put together!

An exciting addition to the boat when she returns will be her in-board engine.  This was removed at Easter time and an outboard has been pushing her for too long – this now will become the back up engine with the inboard diesel being the powerhouse behind the boat.

Ragga Gal is a different story – she is the lightest and the smallest of our boats and since the addition of Prince, she only really gets used in high season.  Gal is so light that, with the help of Tiger and his big truck, we pulled her on to dry land about three week’s ago so we can see her progress from day to day.  She has also been sanded and already given her coat of gluvit (to give the wood that water tight feel) and will be finished painting in the next week.

These are not the only Raggamuffin items that are getting a lick of paint .. the shop will gain a new roof and a full lick of paint and even the dock we use in front of Sobre Las Olas is getting a complete overhaul!!  All of this put together … refurbished and repainted boats and re-energized Captains and Guides means that Raggamuffin will be better than ever to perform to an even higher standard than we have before – watch out Belize, here we come!!

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