Is Cupid responsible for all the Scorpion birthdays in Belize?

On November 06, 2012 in Ragga Crew

'The Boss' - Captain Jimmy.Shane - Happy Birthday today!

Is there a corrolation between unusual amount of Belizean November birthdays and Valentines Day???  It’s a thought, I mean, Feb 14th is give or take a day 9 months before this Scorpion burst??

From Raggamuffin alone there is Lee Shane, Jimmy, Ellis and Keith (or Dice) to name but a few … not to mention the enormous number of November birthdays on Caye Caulker.  So when Cupid fires his bow in February it creates this unusual spike in births for November – interesting fact hey!!

For now we will be celebrating the birthdays of two of our favorite crew members – Shane Sho (Lee Shane) and the originator, Captain Jimmy.   Shane will be celebrating his birthday today and Jimmy will celebrate his tomorrow (I gather with a party on the North side with a bonfire etc etc – you coming??).

So for now we want to wish Shane a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all his fellow crew members and extended family – we will surely be having a few drinks tomorrow to celebrate with you!!

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