Queen returns from her renovations!

On November 07, 2012 in News

Ragga Queen during renovations.Ragga Queen yesterday.

We breath a sigh of relief when our the largest member of our fleet, Ragga Queen, returns after over a month long refurbishment and looks better than ever.  She has been repaired, re-newed and re-painted and she now shines in the sunlight like she was brand new!!

Passengers enjoying the sunset.Queen under sail.

Her renovations are an annual and extremely costly event but due to the enormous amount of work she undertakes up and down the Caye Caulker reef, incredibly necessary!!!  The transformation from her mid- renovations some three weeks ago to her appearance now, almost seems like two different boats!!

Aside from her sister boat Ragga King with her striking gaff rig set up, Ragga Queen is by far the most impressive of the sailboats within this region and perfect for our three day sailing and snorkeling adventure as her size makes those aboard her extremely comfortable!!


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