You have to feel sorry for San Pedro!!

On November 15, 2012 in News

John McAfee

Our big brother island – better known as San Pedro, has for the last week been under the watchful eye of all international media houses since the beginning of this week.  But unfortunately it is not because the of our wonderful geography or Mayan history, not even because The Batchelor is filming it’s next episode here –  it is because a once respected genius now paranoid and ‘bonkers’ (quote taken from the Belizean PM himself!!!) is running from the police and turning it into an international media frenzy!!

The weather is glorious with the blue, blue skies and the fresh breeze that is blowing from the North and there is a sense of excitement for the up and coming season … why is the media not covering this???

John MacAfee, the antivirus software pioneer, has had a colorful history here in Belize since his arrival 2 years ago, with run ins with the police over firearms, drugs and liaisons with under age girls – all which he claims he is the victim of!!

The police are wanting him for questioning for the murder of Gregory Faull, 52  -McAfee’s enemy and neighbor in San Pedro as evidence does make McAfee a chief suspect.  Since his neighbors death he has been on the run from the police, whilst still managing to be interviewed by many of the major networks and publications around the world it has to be added!!!!

McAfee claims that he is running from the police for fear for his safety and indeed his life – but surely this media attention is offering him the best possible safeguard – and still he does not return.  Guilty or not surely realizes that it is unlikely, even if charged, he would ever go to jail.  Here in Belize a half decent lawyer and combined with the fact that we have no form of forensics in the country it rarely is possible to convict murders – scary fact but true!

Whether he did it or not, McAfee has become a minor celebrity by running from the police – he is feeding his ego in his numerous interviews with the press and all at the expense of San Pedro!  So let us not give this man any more fodder and each and every one of us stop listening to his eccentric nonsense!  Maybe, just maybe he will then come out of hiding and we can kick him out of Belize for good!!

San Pedro – our thoughts and prayers are with you!!


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