Fabulous February!

On February 23, 2013 in Photographs

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As February draws to close we have to express a small sigh of relief as to the gorgeous weather conditions we have had and the bustling energy of the island!  I wish every month was like February!!

Caye Caulker truly glows at the moment as businesses are enjoying the income the high season is generating and as they each individually put it back into their businesses!  A number of businesses have set up brand new front street locations giving the tourist on this island a greater (and more colorful) selection and choice for their time on the island – Black Durgeon Dive Shop is now located right beside Happy Lobster and the additional space now gives them greater visibility for what was already a fantastic product but also greater room to assit their customers.

Barefoot Fisherman has brought its operation from the back to the front street beside the split – right next to the Jetski rentals.  These guys are one of the few Operators which focus on the very popular activity of fishing and therefore they are sure to take off!

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And last but not least … one of my favorites, Scoop Dis has located her delicious ice cream and pastry shop to a opposite the Sandbox.  This cleverly acquired land has given her greater space for her customers to enjoy her delights and given her well deserved more visibility as she was situated in a rather congested part of town!

A round of applause to all of those on Caye Caulker who are stepping up to the plate and raising the standards of businesses here on Caye Caulker – together we will grow and prosper as individuals, but benefiting the greater good of our island paradise – Caye Caulker!!

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