I believe in MIRACLES!

On February 09, 2013 in News


It is not often that you genuinely believe that you have witnessed something short of a miracle but I feel that this week has been one of those instances.

One of Caye Caulker’s greatest characters, Ras Creek (Bert Nicholas) fell into a coma last Saturday.  He had been complaining of headaches and had not moved out of bed for three days and by Saturday his girlfriend realized something was far from correct.  Creek was moved to the hospital where it was discovered he had not one but two blood clots on his brain and he was operated on.  Doctors removed the clots successfully but felt that his prognosis was not good due to the injury and they worried that he perhaps would at least be disabled or even die.

On Wednesday morning the Doctors decided to ‘wake’ him up and by the afternoon he was singing and making jokes in the hospital bed!!  Improvements have been so speedy that Doctors are now confident that Creek will have a full recovery!!

For me, this is a miracle – this and coupled with the amazing strength and resilience this true champion, pulled Creek from a desperate situation back to life!!!  Or perhaps it was the power of prayer – Creek rightly so (due to his enormous heart and his impossibly infectious character) is a minor celebrity and is loved all over the world.  The outpouring of international love that were willing him back to health was truly for that of a superstar – truly amazing!  He and his rasta boat is synonymous with Caye Caulker and life without here would not be the same.

We do not need to consider life without Ras Creek because as of today he is out of intensive care and on the long road to recovery – and that I feel is a miracle!!

  1. Margaret Keyworth Gainsford Said,

    OMG that is so wonderful, congrats Ras Creek, and I am sure you will be up and sailing very very soon…Fantastic news. Take care.

  2. Margaret Keyworth Gainsford Said,

    This is wonderful news, congrats Ras Creek, and I am sure you will be up and sailing very very soon…Fantastic news. Take care.

  3. Lisa Wintrip Said,

    I am one of those international fans who was so thrilled and happy to see Ras Creek come out of the coma. I lived on Caye Caulker for a while and know him well (many Belikins on his boat). A miracle yes it is and thans God !!!

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