We are ALL winners really!!

On February 13, 2013 in Photographs


The annual Raggamuffin Awards were held on Monday night.  The idea behind this evening is for Management to thank the staff for their hard work over the year and to recognize six of the crew members for outstanding performance.

Raggamuffin is now a very large and very well oiled machine and I believe from the bottom of my heart that each and every single employee has a small but SIGNIFICANT part in her success.  Without consistency of excellence throughout the team, Raggamuffin’s reputation would not be what it is today.

The evening commenced with cocktails and conch ceviche, followed by a Belizean favorite being turkey and ham with rice and beans and potato salad (not forgetting delicious cranberry, onion sauce and gravy!!).   The focal point of the evening were the Awards which were presented by owners Jimmy and Charlie Jones.


Three of the six awards were  secretly nominated by the staff and each winner received a trophy, either a champagne or Black Label and a cash prize.  This year’s best Newcomer was won by Vito  - his easy going and professional nature loved by both passengers and the rest of the crew.  The Sales lady of the year was hotly contested (in fact most of the crew really could not decide on which of the wonderful Edith, Adela and Madai as they are all so loved!) – but in the end our tireless Manager Edith won the vote and very surprised she collected her award.  Raggamuffin’s crew personality of the year again had a number of favorites there or there abouts – but the final winner was Chilo – who even gave us a ‘belly dance’ when he received his award!!!

The last three awards were in fact voted by the general public – we tallied the number of times each crew member were mentioned on TripAdvisor over the past year and thus we created our statistics.  The side man of the year was our one and only sweet Li Shane – his infectious smile and his humble character always be one that everybody loves.   And for the second of the year was Dane – only arriving at Raggamuffin a year ago Dane has fitted in like a glove within the crew and the office – and yet it does appear he is also a favorite of the public.  And to top our Awards was TripAdvisor’s personality of the year who was Kevin – outstanding at his job, passionate about the environment and just one of the nicest people you will ever meet in Belize – Kevin definitely deserves his Award and we are immensely proud of all his achievements!!

Once the awards were complete, we all made a toast with champagne to Raggamuffin (as we do love ourselves!!) – we have been blessed with much good fortune over the years and we hope many years still to come!

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