Hurricane season is here!!

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Yes we are indeed right smack bang at the beginning of this 2013 Hurricane Season!!  This title to this period of the year fills most tourists with terror to travel to our parts and therefore every other customers questions relate to weather!!  Obviously for those persons who have saved their hard earned cash for the past year on a holiday in the Caribbean, sunshine is a must and we understand that.  But this ‘hurricane season’ period often deters customers from traveling to Belize at this time of the year and this, due to many years of experience, I feel is harsh!!

When you do your research as to the seasonality of Belize we are actually ‘sub tropical’ climate, tempered by trade winds.  Our dry season has been calculated to be from February to May would be for those who require 100% guarantee of sunshine, to be the perfect time to be in Belize – however, dry weather is indicative of high winds which makes snorkeling and scuba diving tricky, never mind that picture perfect hairdo!!!

For those of us who live on this tropical island year round, we would have to agree that at anytime of the year we can receive a ‘rainy patch’.  These periods are merely a few days – they are generally a respite from the the sunshine, an opportunity to cool off and perhaps even enjoy your ‘skin blanket’ at night!!  Rain, even if forecast otherwise, never lasts for more than three days in a row (and these instances are really narrowed down to perhaps two or three times a year - There is probably no scientific fact to prove this, but in our experience it is always the case).  Days remain largely sunny, rainfall more often occurs during the night time period than the day and occasionally the morning or evening.  PERFECT FOR TOURISM THROUGHOUT THE YEAR!!

As in the rest of the world with our ever changing climates, these isolated periods of rainy days can be experienced at any time of the year – for example I have very much witnessed a rainy February (thought to be a dry month).  Although the meteorological department suggests patterns of rainfall, there is no way of determining in advance of whether one month or another would be a better one to travel in as each and every one has their dry and wet periods.

And what about ‘hurricane season’, said to be June to November??  This indeed is enough to ring the alarm bells of any tourist traveling to Belize however it still remains, in my opinion, the safest and best time of year for undertaking your tours here to Belize.  Tropical systems are given a huge amount of respect in these parts due to local experience.  For days before an advancing system locals will be aware of its presence and the island shuts down – safety is paramount and therefore no threat to tourists.  This and the fact that the last hurricane we had was back 13 years ago (thanks Keith) and before that 50 years ago (thanks Hattie) it is not a regular occurrence in our parts!!

The so called high season is from November to April is the so called high traffic period for tourism here in Belize and most of these months will have a number of ‘cold fronts’ pass right through them.  For those persons who want to be outside to enjoy the views, these cold fronts (high winds and rain, and obviously cold) make Caye Caulker look little like the Caribbean!  Whereas the rainfall received in the months of June to September is the type of rain that has no chill in the air and that you want to dance in whilst fully clothed knowing the sunshine will be back shortly!

In summary – do not be discouraged by the words ‘hurricane season’ – if there were daily, weekly or even monthly hurricanes we would not be living so contentedly on an island that is at sea level!  Rainfall does occur throughout this period but it is short lived and warm and sunshine is our prevailing element, which is why we can confirm that we live in Paradise!



  1. Anna Said,

    In my experience, June has the best waters…best waters in terms of warmth, clarity, not too WAVY, etc., it is strange that less visitors pass through on this month.

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