Ready to be ‘Empress’ed??!!

On July 26, 2013 in News


It is no doubt a dawn of a new day for us here at Raggamuffin!  Our pet project that we have been working hard on (and on a number of occasions ‘playing hard’ on) completed her transformation yesterday and today takes her maiden voyage for her first Caye Caulker to Placencia – 2 night/ 3 day tours!

Let me introduce to you Ragga Empress – she is a 38ft catamaran that has spent the last four months in renovation in order to up-grade Raggamuffin’s service!!  Empress actually came to work here in Belize some 13 years ago with the luxury catamaran charter company TMM.  Brand spanking new at the time and only months after she first starting working, Hurricane Keith hit Belize and forced her and and a handful of TMM’s boats over the reef.  Empress was salvaged and taken into the loving care of Will Peoples, a long standing resident of Caye Caulker who took it on board to renovate Empress back to working condition.  After many years of his hard labor, Will decided that Empress was just too big for him and his wife Jane and they were sadly forced to put her up for sale.


This is where Raggamuffin came in – understanding that we want to continually upgrade our service, James and Charlie Jones stepped in (of course with the help of Atlantic Bank!!) to make her part of our Ragga Fleet.  And four months later, with at least 2 months of it spent in the Rio Dulce in Guatemala for refurbishment and rigging, she is looking (once again) as though she is fresh of the factory floor.

Ragga Empress will take on board Ragga Queen’s duties in the overnight Caye Caulker to Placencia, picking up the Tuesday and Friday trips.  Empress offers slightly more room for sun bathers and indeed more shade, plus the advantage of two bathrooms with 2 showers for additional passenger comfort.

Although she is most likely, just like her predecessor, to undertake all Tuesday and Friday trips, it must be stressed that is is not guaranteed as there will be the instances that maintenance will be required and therefore our wonderful Ragga Queen will take her place.


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