What Raggamuffin’s do in October!

On November 04, 2013 in News

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Ashamedly we close for the month of October – rest, recuperation and renovation for staff, office and boats!  Some of us have taken journeys – Adela, Ellis, Ramsay and Jahlee visited the US and Kevin the US and Japan and the rest of us enjoyed family time at home!


It’s a time for us to re-charge our batteries and change the pace so that we can really appreciate what we have.  We have found our month off or our slow season being hugely beneficial to the staff that really took advantage of it and it giving everybody that welcome holiday and break that we all look forward to.


For those of us who remained in Belize for October do not feel sad, for we have enjoyed ourselves too – we have spent countless occasions on Raggamuffin’s newest toy, our Ragga Empress.  Whilst the office is open she will be in constant use and for us who were not able to move off the island she was an exciting source of relaxation, entertainment and family bonding.  We may not have moved too far but we too have taken full advantage of what we love about our island and pushed it to the max – we too are feeling refreshed and ready to go!!

And to our wonderful sailboats, well they too have been pampered and rested – Ragga Queen, Ragga King and even Ragga Prince have all been up on dry dock getting major repairs and renovations – they now look brand spanking new.  Ragga Prince still has yet to be finished – she will be coming back to the island in December but we already have Queen and King ready and back to work and these babies look better than ever!!



We have to commend and thank those Raggamuffin’s who worked tirelessly on getting these boats in such fine shape – Charles, Sherwin, Big and Lee Shane, even Dane and Jerry put in their work – these are the men that do not enjoy sitting around and doing nothing and that next year will hopefully be flying around the world with their colleagues!!!

All in all, an October like no other as we commence into our new season stronger and better than ever. So .. back to life, back to reality and back to what we do best – making people exceedingly happy!!!

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