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Caye Caulker’s Palapa Parade cleans up!

On January 17, 2012 in Caye Caulker

Albert's beautiful local art stallAndre's Hand-To-Mouth

For those who do not get the time to have recently visited Caye Caulker, the news that the art and craft stalls on the beach, beside Da Real Macaw, are looking better than ever.

It is the long term goal of the Village Council here in Caye Caulker to renovate and improve this area. To many it has been considered an eye sore as well as the sometimes hustler vibe did not do the location any favors. The Ministry of Tourism originally was to assist the Village Council with some money to help them in their endeavors but this has been put on hold. So for the past few months the Village Council has been seen encouraging those who have pride in their stall to invest into it and knocking down those stalls that remained empty and only gathered loiterers.

Fruit StallWood carver

Thus as you can see from my pictures, this road – once not a particular scenic area – has now become one of the key attractions on the island. Albert’s Art stall, carrying beautiful paintings from local artists around Belize is a wonderful sight – full of color. Not forgetting the charming Andres Hand-to-mouth food stall, serving quality Belizean food at a local price and of course the hand carvers, the fruit sellers and the list goes on!!

My pictures do not do this area justice … you will just have to come back here soon to see it for yourself!!

We love Caye Caulker!!

On January 12, 2012 in Caye Caulker

Kevin and Jacob preparing their boat!Madai, Adela and Kimani in the office

We are the luckiest people in the world – to be able to live and work in Paradise!!! The island at the moment is at its most vibrant .. the weather is absolutely beautiful – the sun is shinning, warm with a light breeze and there are enough people that the island feels that it is a buzz with life!!!

Today at Raggamuffin’s office it was business as usual, nobody taking for granted that we are truly blessed to be living this life – happy to be here, happy to be healthy!!! Emilio from Intrepid is in town and working on the boats will be Jacob and Kevin today – lucky passengers!

Emilio from IntrepidHarrison

All the girls in the office – Edith. her sister and Madai, today. Nobody can escape the exhilaration that good weather brings and therefore the girls too have a spring in their step.

We all enjoy what we do and what we put together as a team. We are all hugely proud of what we do and we are aware of the incredible joy that our tours bring to our passengers. Our camaraderie is genuine – we function just like any other family and pull together for each other – what we have is special and Caye Caulker plays a huge part of that!! Give thanks to Caye Caulker and all its beauty!!!

Caye Caulker mourns the loss of Miss Petty

On January 05, 2012 in Caye Caulker

Ellis and Miss Petty

Petrona Joseph or Miss Petty as she was fondly known, passed away in the early hours of yesterday morning. She was an integral member of our community touching every bodies lives either through her children (5 girls and 6 boys) or grandchildren (over 37) or her work within the church – her love and humility the reason for the immense respect this lady had amongst her piers.

Miss Petty moved here to Caye Caulker with her husband and most of her children back over thirty five years ago. She became very much the matriarch of the Garifuna community and a personal friend to all that her life touched not forgetting her enormous role in Nuestra Senora de La Ascuncion here on the island.

For those abroad who may not have had the pleasure of knowing this wonderful lady you have most probably had the pleasure of meeting one of her off-spring … our own Ellis Nicholas is proud to be her grand-son, Miss Rose (the best rice and beans and potato salad on the island!!), many persons have been driven around by either Jason Joseph in Belize City (son) or Adrian Joseph (grandson). Not forgetting the lovey Dawn Joseph (her youngest daughter) who serves drinks at the Sports Bar, Captain Charlie Joseph, Jun Jun from the Sandbox and the wonderful Michael Joseph from Oasi.

Rest in Peace Miss Petty, you are now an angel watching down and protecting Caye Caulker!!

Sunshine, turkey and beer!

On December 26, 2011 in Caye Caulker

Kimani, Jimmy, Fiona, Raf, Patrick and Jahlee Adela and Ali

There were not too many of us for Christmas Day as many were on the high seas at Rendezvous or Tobacco Cayes. For those who were here in Caye Caulker, we closed the office and celebrated our Xmas together.

The bosses showed off their culinary skills by serving up the most delicious turkey dinner washed down with plenty of beer! The party started at midday and finished well after the sun went down and needless to say, we had fun!! Next year, you are all invited!!

Caye Caulkers Xmas Parade

On December 19, 2011 in Caye Caulker

Infant II J The front of the parade

It was short, sweet, brightly lit and noisy – the islands Xmas Parade. Santa turned up to welcome in Xmas on the island along with a number of brightly lit golf carts and trailers!!

Little Starts Pre School and CCRCS Infant II J class were the winners of the competition – the kids on the Infant II J golf cart sang their Xmas songs at the top of their lungs!!

Locals lined the street as the parade signifies the beginning of the festive season … children dancing and music blaring – Happy Xmas Everyone!!

The story of the weekend …

On December 13, 2011 in Caye Caulker

New top floor at the Split

There are two tales to be told of last weekend … the opening of the new deck at the split and our ladies football team’s heroic first leg performance in their fight to be Belize Ladies Champions.

The split … for those who are interested, has got a new deck. Stairways to the deck flank each side of the building and on the top is its very own bar!! DJ Chico allowed all to dance the night away on Saturday night – and boy did we enjoy it. The view from the top deck is quite breathless and so sunset drinks at the split becoming a must for all who visit here!!

Island Stars vs Smart Millenium

And our Ladies Champions, Island Starts – a team that has been put together with amazing success only this year – played their first leg to battle out the Championship here in Caye Caulker. There were high hopes (and a huge crowd), despite the fact in the league their opposition, Smart Millenium, was undefeated (truthfully this team have been playing for 13 years!!) However, on Sunday luck was not on their side as experienced the Belize City team played a perfect game with a number of absolutely unstoppable goals – defeating Caye Caulker.

For us as onlookers, we still can be proud of our newly put together team of girls. For us they are still Champions as they have achieved so much in the league itself – carving a reputation for years to come!! Not forgetting that our key goal scorer Lilian Joseph will be the Leagues Leading Goal Scorer!!

Go Caye Caulker!!

The smooth streets of Caye Caulker!

On December 06, 2011 in Caye Caulker

Tiger and his tractor!

Cars, golf carts, scooters and even bikes are loving the new smooth streets of Caye Caulker.

As of this weekend our favorite tractor driver Jason Sutherland (Tiger) and his trusted assistant Joe Joseph have been up and down our main streets, filing the potholes with sand! No longer is a short trip down to the hardware store feel like you have been shaken up and down for longer than you can imagine.

Why? – well it is all part of the constant maintenance of our Village Council to keep our island looking (and riding) like Belize’s crowing jewel at all times!!! And apparently, the rainy/ hurricane season has passed and therefore we can upgrade our streets!

Thank you all concerned!!

Caye Caulker Welcomes December!!

On December 02, 2011 in Caye Caulker

Raggamuffin's Office at Xmas

There is a chill in the air … residents and tourists alike are wearing their jackets/ sweater and even the odd wooly hat in the evenings. Days are beautifully sunny so everybody strips down to their swimwear, not humid just absolutely gorgeous – Winter and Xmas is in the air!

The tourists are back … after a long and hard slow season (luckily without any hurricanes to talk about) we are all excited to see that the streets are full of our wonderful friends, coming to enjoy our beautiful island!

Xmas is also coming .. businesses and residents have put up their Christmas trees and adorning their trees, staircases and verandahs with strings of lights of various colors. Music blairs from speakers … especially from the famous Blue Wave, home of DJ Julian who keeps us all swinging our hips to his tunes!!

Ramsay, Jacob and Patrick will also soon be home … we have missed our adventurers but they will be home very soon – just in time for our Raggamuffin Tours Crew Xmas Party (well timed boys!!). Our family will be complete, just in time for Christmas … we welcome December!!!

The Sports Bar has it’s official opening!

On November 27, 2011 in Caye Caulker

Sports Bar Shakira Burgess, Andrea Hinks, Dawn Joseph and Tommy Egan - Team Sports Bar

The Barrier Reef Sports Bar and Grill, as it is now officially named, was taken over in October by Tommy Egan back in October of this year. After some weeks of painting, renovating and generally ‘lightening up’ the energy of the bar, Friday night was the Grand Opening and all were invited.

Liz (CC Plaza), Mariya (Caye Real Estate) and Alina (Island Magic) DJ Bugs, Cruzy and Dan and Yoga Jess

When we arrived at 8pm the party had already been going a couple of hours. The guest list was a veritable ‘who’s who’ on the island from the wonderful Niel and Molly Bradley, the Atlantic Bank and Credit Union possee, Ocean Acadamy were represented by Hilda Marin and Heidi Curry, not forgetting people like Wish Willy, Louise and Efrain Aguillar (Maxhapan) and everybodies favorite taxi driver – Adrian Joseph and many, many more!!

Tommy, Jim and Amanda Hilda Marin and Danny Michel

Amanda Badger has assisted Tommy enormously with the renovations of the bar and was genius in the absolutely delicious finger food that was passed around the bar. We were treated to mini burgers, fish cakes, ceviche and popcorn all of which perked us up sufficiently to drink more!

As the night drew to a close and things get a little blurry, Tommy thanked everyone for coming and those around had to admit that the opening was truly a night to remember!

Thanksgiving on Caye Caulker

On November 24, 2011 in Caye Caulker

Although Thanksgiving is strictly for the Americans, Belize and particularly Caye Caulker ‘the melting pot of cultures’ likes so celebrate the tradition too. Today the weather is beautiful – which is nothing unusual for here in Caye Caulker, the sun is shining and the cool north breeze makes the sun feel so very good!

However today is different – Not only does the island seem really busy all of a sudden, as Thanksgiving traditionally initiates the start of the high season, but there is also a little festive spirit in the air!

For those without a kitchen or even the desire to cook their family the traditional turkey and ham .. we have a wonderful array of turkey dinner availability all over the island.

For those ‘in the know’ – your turkey celebrations can commence at lunchtime .. with the Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School and Aunties (or Pirates to some) offering their turkey dinner! This is where many of the locals will dine and thoroughly enjoy their feast!

For those wanting their dinner to be accompanied by perhaps a glass of wine or similar we have the Sandbox and Rainbow – and for those that enjoy beer and rum cocktails, along with the charming banter from their host, Wish Willy’s looks like it is serving up a feast!!!

Anyway come one and come all .. come and give thanks for all that we have (and in Caye Caulker we have many blessings!) and all that the New Year will bring us!