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Spongebob – Caye Caulker’s Newest Resident!!

On November 15, 2011 in Caye Caulker

Spongebob Front Street

Yes it is true, Spongebob has moved from his ‘pineapple under the sea’ to come and live with us in Caye Caulker!! I would love to say a ‘life size’ model has been created but information sources will not confirm if Spongebob truly is this size in ‘Bikini Bottom’!!

Big Shane with Spongebob

The location is on the beachfront of the old Herbal Tribe (very near Raggamuffin!!) and the creator is Clayto Allen and friends! The addition to the island is really turning heads and putting a smile on faces of young and old.

So for Spongebob lovers around the world … come to Caye Caulker to meet him in person!!!

Happy Halloween!

On November 01, 2011 in Caye Caulker

Corinna, Jimmy and Charlie Cynthia Novelo, Solange Sanchez and Fem Reyes - The femme fatales

As October grinds to a halt here on Caye Caulker, we look forward to the entertainment of Halloween and this year was no exception!

Dancefloor at the split Kumiko, Ellis, Charlie, Jimmy and Kevin

Halloween kicked off at the Lazy Lizard Bar at the split … locals and tourists alike rocked up in their outfits to dance the night away with the ‘birthday boy’ DJ Chico!! There were prizes to be won by those who were the best dress, but unfortunately the success of the night was its own demise as I cannot remember who won what!!! For those whose feet were not sore from dancing too much at 1am the dancefloor was taken to the Oceanside where the party closed.

Carey's Princesses (Krissy and Mia) with the Big Fish Little uns! Vampire Malik (center) with his two devilish friends Finley and Addison!

Then of course there was the real Halloween last night.. where the kids came out and ‘trick or treated’ for the more candy than any of their parents cared for!! All business get behind this tradition and children come back with goody bags that will last for weeks!!

Hurricane Rina passes us by!!

On October 27, 2011 in Caye Caulker

To all of those of you who are interested, the past couple of days have been rather less un-eventful on the weather front, than one might have imagined!!

When any storm/ hurricane develops in front of us we all take notice. Hurricane Rina formed as a depression in the morning of Monday 24th and by lunchtime, she was already a Category 2 Hurricane. For many this was enough of an alarm bell to start packing their bags and leaving the island. For others, we just waited and watched the advisorys to keep ourselves informed.

Rina never really had any intention of coming to Belize, all models always had her very much bearing down on the Yucatan of Mexico (and we are crossing our fingers that she passes without much noise there too!!). However, by Monday night, NEMO had informed us of voluntary evacuation and closing of schools in Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye (for most of us on the island we felt that was very much alarmist). If you were watching the weather channel you would have thought that we were all running from Caye Caulker too!!

Yesterday many of the islanders were woken at 6am to the sound of the evacutation sirens, to inform evacuees that water taxis would be stopping their service very shortly that morning – in fact, today, Thursday 27th am, service still has not been resumed!

The truth of the matter is that Rina (as predicted) passed with no increase in wind, little to no rain and just some moderate swells on the other side of the reef – causing many of the children to surf the small waves on kayaks at the split yesterday!!

Today we have sunshine – Caye Caulker is truly blessed!!!

Lights, camera, action!

On October 22, 2011 in Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker has been a buzz with the TV show ‘The Batchelor’! For the past two days the crew and the contestents have been strutting their stuff around the island.

Much of the details are heavily under wraps as the nature of the ‘competition’ requires the general public and indeed the media to not get an idea of the show before it goes on air. However, the crew have filmed all over Caye Caulker, from the Split to even the basket ball court. Many of your favourite locals have been captured on film as ‘The Batchelor’ and his un-identified ‘one on one date’ walked front street during yesterday.

The Lazy Lizard/ The Split was the centre of the crews attention for the night time shoot as the Batchelor and his bevvy of beauties partied and entertained themseleves!!

Without the official word it does appear that an almost an entire episode will be focused around our little island and indeed, when it does come to air, it will allow a very international audience to see exactly why we love Caye Caulker so much!!

Caye Caulker gets a ‘New Look’

On October 17, 2011 in Caye Caulker

You will be pleased to know that over this very quiet period here on the Caye, islanders are not sitting down and wasting time! Many of the businesses that are now closed, are renovating and improving – giving the island an ‘up-grade’.

Seaside Cabanas under renovation Rainbow under renovation

Many of the hotels are closed for improvements. Seaside Cabanas (one of the most popular hotels on the island) for example is adding in a new super luxurious cabana, adding a jacuzzi to each of the existing cabanas and has re-painted and re-thatched the whole building. The Rainbow hotel is also going for a dramatic new look … they are very much up-grading all of their rooms to high end suites so, along with their fantastic view and central location – this should be a great benefit to the island! The list of hotels up-grading does not stop here … Sea Dreams, Iguana Reef and even Yumas Hostel have all spent some time closed in order to offer a better service to their customers!

Believe it or not even the split is getting a huge ‘make over’. You will be delighted to hear that our favorite daytime location will now be adding a first floor level bar to add to their existing ground floor level bar. This, along with the newly added coconut trees on the beach, will make Caye Caulker a must for any tourists to come to Belize!!! Gossip hounds are mentioning that these renovations are being done to coincide with an TV crews coming down to film an episode on the Bachelor!!

The split under renovation Ellis, Big and Li Shane and Garif in Sports Bar

And finally, news to some but the Sports Bar has changed hands and it too has taken on a drastic ‘new look’. Tommy Egan and crew have been working tirelessly to ‘brighten up’ the dark sports bar and make it a more pleasant place to hang out! Although the renovations have not quite finished (we will have pictures on the grand opening later in the month) they opened this weekend and the Ragga crew were there to support with a drink in hand!!!

Belize’s 30th Birthday on the Caye – Independence Day Celebrations!

On September 22, 2011 in Caye Caulker

It was a special year this year, Belize’s 30th Birthday – Celebrating 30 years of independence!! And, as one would expect our little Caye ensured that we marked this year with the appropriate amount of festivities.

The eve of Independence, Tuesday 20th September at midnight, we see in Independence with a brilliant firework display. For those who have not seen one of the Villages firework displays, let me tell you it is as good as anyone would expect to see in any big city around the world. The display lasted about 25 minutes and villagers and tourists’ heads alike were tilted back and up towards the sky for the stunning show.

The day itself always fills me with immense pride … there is nothing more wonderful than seeing your community (your family) coming out, dressed in red, white and blue ready to parade their joy of independence in the street – The Parade.

It all began with the drummers … who knew that the clerk at the Atlantic Bank (David Lawrence) and Polo (the Cable guy at Rainbow) could play the drums so well!??!! The parade contained the usual suspects from … Miss Louise Aguilar and her now famous dance posse lit up the day with their energetic and occasionally more ‘adult’ dance moves (Antoinette and Lillian) while our neighbor Miss Chila was executing the more classic carnival moves!!!

Ms Chila

Not forgetting the smallest of the groups, Tanisha Myvett Junior Carnival team (the eventual winner of the Caye Caulker Carnival Group) … who, when the parade had finished it’s mile long trail around the island, continued on dancing with the energy that only youngsters could muster. The group has been together for some years now and Tanisha patiently schooled the children for the event and puts together their costumes too! The group runs from 5 – 12 years of age and contains some of the more energetic of the island’s youth – including Tanisha’s son Jamar and of course Raggamuffin’s son .. Malik!

Malik, Tanisha and Jamar

And finally Caye Caulker’s finest women football team – Island Stars – came out to ‘swing their engine’ and shout about their amazing record in Belize – congratulations ladies!

Island Stars

The parade finished back at the Central Park where various of the bars and restaurants had gathered to serve their signature drinks like Lazy Lizard’s Lizard Juice and the Rainbow’s Coladas – not to mention that the school were selling some hearty chicken rice and beans!

The heat played the final role of the day … searing humidity and very little wind ensured that even the strongest of party goers, after the excitement of the night before and the parade, soon went home to find shade and an afternoon nap!

For more photos of the parade, please go to The Island Link Internet Cafe and Ice Cream Parlor’s Facebook Page. Tomorrow we will post the video of the Parade!

Rain cannot stop the dance! – School Independence Day Parade!

On September 16, 2011 in Caye Caulker

The band at the front of the parade King Corbin and Queen Kagan

This is the time of the year that every Belizean absolutely loves – The time for us to ‘Jump up’ and ‘Swing our Engine’ to the familiar carnival beats that celebrate Independence Day! Although the island will have the ‘grown up’ version on the 21st September (stand by to see the photos next week), the school celebrates the Friday before and therefore today Friday 16th!

Both Pre-schools, the Primary and the High School enter into this red, white and blue fashion show and today the show promised to be a good one. The weather looked beautiful this morning and at 10am (do not forget the parade was set to start at 9am – Belizean time) the music was turned up and the children began their long march around the Caye Caulker streets.

Little Stars Pre School The youngest float entry!

Each class, at the beginning of the week, had nominated their own king and queen and dressed an appropriate golf cart to represent them. Some of the smaller children were lucky enough to have a whole trailer behind a cart for them to sit in for the festivities. The children were so hot that they resorted to drinking ‘ideals’ sugar flavored ice poles to battle the heat.

As soon as it all began, before the last cart had turned the first corner, the storm cloud on the horizon decided to rain and rain hard. All of those who were dressed up and sitting on carts or even dancing in the streets were forced to run for shelter in grocery stores, restaurants and whatever cover from the rain they could muster. Although the rain only lasted about 15 minutes, during that time those carts that had been so carefully put together for the occasion, were now awash with red and blue stripes from the dye of the tissue!!!

Shelter from the rain Golf carts left deserted in the rain!

With the rain destroying many of the pretty carts, it could not dampen the children’s enthusiasm and they took their dancing to the Central Park as the music played on – Rain cannot stop the dance … roll on the 21st!!!!

10th September – Caye Caulker style!

On September 12, 2011 in Caye Caulker

The Split The Split Wall

For those who may not know it, back in 1798 Belize was known as British Honduras. On 10th September the Spanish tried to invade Belize but they were defeated by the Baymen on our beautiful St George’s Caye – and thus British Honduras became Belize!

To commemorate this Victory each year we celebrate 10th September and Caye Caulker is no exception! The weekend commenced with the Fire Engine Parade, with the two Caye Caulker fire truck being flanked by the traffic committee and the police … not to mention the many golf carts and pedestrians – the 10th had began!

The sound system The Split

The weekend following was all about the party … once again the Split was the main focus of the island and it started 1pm on Saturday. There were two bands brought out for the festivities (Electrosounds and Abraxas – rock band), plus DJ Chico. There was a hot and heavy ‘Tornado’ competition on Saturday night … we still cannot work out who won that one though … however, if Paige were here it may have been more clear!??!

The weekend has us all rather tired, hungover but happy … roll on 21st September – Independence Day!!!

Caye Caulker goes Back to School!!!

On September 05, 2011 in Caye Caulker

Malik, Krissy, Carey and Mia Harry and Malik

It is that time of the year when the children of the island are collecting their school bag together to get ready for school. For some it is time of great excitement and for just a few (like Malik Jones – owner Jimmy and Charlie Jones son) it is time for great sadness!!

Last week Ocean Academy opened up its doors again and Kira joined her sister Sian Jones at the school (Jahlee Jones daughters). Time for playing is over and now time for the ladies to get some hard work done!!

Today the Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School opened its doors with its new headmistress Miss Bea. Newcomers to the school this year are the beautiful Mia Canto, our wonderful Carey Canto’s daughter – with Harry’s son, Harry Junior and Malik are moving up to the next scholastic year.

We should not forget the adorable Krissy (Carey’s second daughter) who was starting pre-school today at Little Stars!

For many of the mothers on the island of Caye Caulker (and indeed around the world) this marks the end of the holidays and the beginning of many evenings getting through homework!!!

Exploring Caye Caulker: Eating Like The Locals

On September 02, 2011 in Caye Caulker, Exploring Caye Caulker, News

Mama Rose Tamales

Vacations to Caye Caulker are always going to be amazing and memorable, but beyond the list of “things to do” in lonely planet, what can really make a trip here unforgettable is to immerse yourself in a true local experience…..and one way you can do that is by eating like the locals do.

To begin your day off you can head to Glenda’s Restaurant on Back Street for some freshly baked Creole bread or cinnamons rolls for just US25c. Glenda’s is known for having the best bread on the island so when it opens at 7am the smell of bread cooking in the ovens draws in a crowd of locals, including lots of school kids and quite often everything is sold out by 8am! But never fear, they set some aside especially for the people who wake up a little later and come to dine in for breakfast. You can also pay a couple of dollars more for a side of eggs, beans, cheese or just some butter and jam. I promise you that after you go there for breakfast once you will definitely go back again!

For lunch many of the locals will opt for either tamales (a Mexican dish of seasoned meat or vegetables wrapped in cornmeal dough and steamed in banana leaves) or dukunu (a dish made with sweetened starch, usually cornmeal but can also be sweet corn wrapped and boiled in aluminum foil or a banana leaf), which tastes a lot like creamed corn. Tamales cost roughly US$2.00 each and dukunu costs US50c each. You will know the people selling these tasty lunch meals because they will go back and forth down the streets yelling out their slogans which go something like this….”Hot tamales. Chicken, pork and vegetable tamales” and “ HHHOOttttttt dukunu. HHHOOttttttt dukunu”. You can’t miss them :) . And to wash your meal down we recommend you buy yourself a seaweed drink from the Seaweed Man. Now I know many of screwed up your faces at the sound of that but i promise you it is delicious (and very good for you) and it doesn’t taste like the sea :) . It is like a thick milkshake and comes in a range of flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, rum, brandy, peanut and coconut and costs just US$1.50 for a bottle. The Seaweed Man also has his own slogan simply yelling out “SeaWEED”, but don’t get confused because you may think that he is saying “sweet”.

Glendas Chocolate & Peanut flavored Seaweed drinks

So after a busy day working ( or exploring in your case) everybody needs a nice big dinner to fill them up and all the locals will tell you there is only one person to go and see for a good Belizean meal, and that person is Mama Rose! Mama Rose is renowned for her amazing home cooking including rice and beans with potato salad with either stew chicken, stew beef, stew pork or fried fish. A plate of food only costs US$4.00 and she gives you enough for two meals! Mama Rose takes her big pots of food through the streets on a cart and usually stops outside Oceanside. You will have no problem finding her because she generally has a crowd of locals gathered around her waiting to get served….and if you try her food you will understand why!

So if you are coming to visit Caye Caulker for the first time this year or if you are returning for another holiday make sure you try some of these foods that the locals here love, meals that you may not have known existed here otherwise, and expand you Belizean experience….Because there are lots of little secrets on this island waiting to be discovered by you :) .