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What’s new on Caye Caulker ..

On December 03, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Exploring Caye Caulker, News

Pat and Stel'sThe Palapa now becomes Pat and Stel's

Just in time for the 2012 – 2013 Xmas and New Year high season we have two new eateries that have opened on Caye Caulker in the last week.

First and foremost we are delighted to say that the island hot spot, the Palapa Bar has been handed over to two enormously popular locals – Miss Estella and Keith.  Miss Stella is renowned for her skill in the kitchen will be cooking the mouth watering edibles that she is now famous for – her pastries, particularly her lemon pie is something that once you eat, you just cannot forget!!  It is heartwarming that a true local like Miss Stella, who has always been the silent hero in the kitchen, now deserves to take centre stage in her own place on the island.

And the Palapa itself, now of course Pat and Stel’s is looking brighter and more attractive than ever – with good lick of paint and some additional refurbishment – the bar with arguably the best view on the island, now is quite the place to hang out – that, along with the undeniably good food that will come out of the kitchen, sounds like somewhere you should visit!!!

The Friend's Restarant

And secondly – the new Friend’s restaurant.  This is located and what we still refer to as the old Herbal Tribe (RIP Giovanni!!) – some things never die!!  These guys, originally and successfully from in San Pedro, re-located to Caye Caulker for a change.  They have taken time in their renovations and the place looks totally different and inviting.  Their food is from falafel, to roasted chicken, humus and even kebabs.  With their Arabic flavors offer something different on the island and I can say from first hand experience the food is good.



Our new photo of the month …

On December 01, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Photo of the Month

Belize Xmas

Well roll on the month of festivities … December!!  So as the 1st December we have already got the feeling in the air and we choose a photo to suit for our new Facebook profile!!

Wishing one and all, from Raggamffin, a very merry December!!

The Children’s Park gets a well needed coat of paint!

On November 19, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Culture

The newly painted park!Aurora, Fernando and little Hugo!

Caye Caulker is thankful for the love from its residents and visitors alike and the Children’s Park is feeling that love today after it’s renovation and paintwork undertaken by the village yesterday!

Visitors (and hopefully long-term visitors) Fernando, Aurora and their little son Hugo came to our little paradise some 2 months ago.  They fell in love with the island but particularly the Children’s Park that is located next to Caye Reef and opposite Frenchie’s Dive Shop.  The Park was created many years ago by Lionel Heredia (Chocolate) , Maria Vega and Ilna Auxillou who have tirelessly organized its repair and upkeep and we are grateful and thankful for their endeavors.

The park ..... the park again ..... more painted park!

However, Fernando and Aurora felt that they could assist in the renovations this year and have taken it upon their shoulders to muster up the assistants of the community for both the labor and for donations to get this project underway.  Yesterday was the big day and it was heartwarming to see so many people get involved and pick up a paint brush or a hammer to make the park safe both safe and eye catching!!

THANK YOU to all concerned!!  It is community spirited projects like this that keep our island looking vibrant and colorful – plus a wonderfully safe place for children to play!!

Caye Caulker rated as one of the best Winter island escapes in the World!!

On November 09, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Exploring Caye Caulker, News

The articles lead photo to represent Caye Caulker

We have to agree, and many of you would too … Caye Caulker has been rated amongst one of the 12 best winter island destinations in the world.

Caye Caulker is one of the smallest island getaways the magazine showcases but what we lack in size we make up for in charm!!  The article has the island nicely summed up not only mentioning the snorkeling (of course Raggamuffin is their choice!!) but fishing, mantee watching with Lionel Heredia and not forgetting perfectly delicious Belizean food from the ‘Little Kitchen’ – finishing off at the Lazy Lizard!!

The only disappointment would that the lead photo for the article could have given a little more to our island beauty – just having a look at the Raggamuffin Facebook page could have given a better visual on our little paradise??

For the article in full click here.

Caye Caulker enjoys silky smooth streets once again!

On November 03, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Culture, Exploring Caye Caulker

Tiger and his big truck... and his friend the Grader.

I have often mentioned that the price for our perfectly sandy streets here on Caye Caulker is that pot holes are far too easy to come by after any small amount of rain and sufficient usage!!

However today Tiger was a sight for sore eyes as he and his big truck along with his friend’s grader, were pounding our streets to ensure that they are silky smooth.

For those with bikes, golf carts or even those of us on our two feet will from this weekend onwards feel that movement up and down our island feels a lot more comfortable.  No more will those of the fairer sex have to brace themselves on a small trip to the shops on their golf cart and children can care free ride up and down the streets without fear of falling in a hole!!

So thank you to the VC Crew and to all concerned as we once again enjoy traveling on our streets again!!

Caye Caulker at it’s best!

On October 30, 2012 in Caye Caulker, News

Island Link Interent getting its 'lick of paint'!Sobre Las Olas new beachfront yard - pretty!

With the fact that we were blessed with no bad weather, in fact very little weather at all during October – it appears that the last few days of October have inspired practically every business to invest in a coat of paint or even two!!

From hotels like Island Magic and Seaside Cabanas who have had refurbishment work, to restaurants like Don Corleone and Sobre Las Olas who have got a full lick of paint, not to mention the Island Link Internet Cafe – it appears that from boats to docks and buildings have been given their coat of spring, just in time for this years season to begin!!

So Caye Caulker is really looking its best – and that with the fact that it is the more ‘affordable location in Belize’, surely a holiday should be scheduled for the upcoming months??

Caye Caulker’s 1st live breakdance competition!!

On October 27, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Culture, News

The crowd of onlookers.Some breakdance acrobatics

And so it was, on an extremely hot and sunny Saturday afternoon – NYC’s B Boy Ultimatum gave Caye Caulker its first breakdance competition!  And so, from young to old, local to tourist lined the basketball court on Saturday afternoon to thoroughly enjoy this unique spectacle!

More acrobatics.More acrobatics

We were treated to two rounds and then a final to have ‘Short Legs’ be the eventual winner – chosen by unanimous decision by the crowd!  The guys are no doubt talented and fresh out of Belize City they looked just like we see on the television – real professional!!

Blayd Vernon - doing us proud!The eventual winner - Short Legs

What made the crowds day was the half time entertainment of gutsy Blayd Vernon (Wendy Auxillou’s son) getting up and showing how the young of Caye Caulker too have their own talent!!  Us locals cheered him and he did us all proud!!

Thank you B Boy Ultimatum – you are welcome back to Caye Caulker any time!!


What to expect from Halloween on Caye Caulker.

On October 25, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Culture, News


Caye Caulker with it’s multi cultural population holds this tradition high and for those of us that have been around for years, it is one that we cherish.

This weekend (on Saturday 27th October) the ‘adult’ part of halloween – the costume party, will be held … commencing at 88 West with their Halloween Monster Bash, following on to the Lazy Lizard at the Split and then last but not least the Oceanside till 4am!!  Prizes galore will be given out and much will be had to drink during this process.  And the best thing is that Halloween is traditionally rained out but this year’s forecast is for glorious weather under the prospect of a full moon – too much fun!!

For those of you who do not live in a community like Caye Caulker it would be hard to imagine the enjoyment of this spectacle.  The whole island becomes alive – at least 250 people that we all know and love will make an enormous effort to disguise themselves under their costume.  With their costume persons takes on a new identity or character and this always proves absolutely hilarious!!  Can you imagine your local postman or bank clerk coming at you as Frankenstein or similar????

I can guarantee you that a costume to the party is not a pre-requisite as 50% will not dress up but just come along to enjoy the fun – this is no problem as, in my experience, there is always enough of those who have made the effort to go around.  This night is like no other and with very little tourists on the island, the local contingent is always in full force and ready to enjoy Halloween.

The kids version or the ‘trick or treat’ element of Halloween will always be observed the traditional 31st October – nice and early as it is a school night!!

So if you are on or near Caye Caulker, come join us – you will not be disappointed!!



Please understand that we are almost at the end of high season, festivities and a reason to celebrate has been low on our agenda but now high season is around the corner.  This twinned with a Belizean’s natural flair for the creative

Sunny days, cool breeze and sleepy streets – Paradise!

On October 16, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Exploring Caye Caulker

The Split yesterday

So Columbus bank holiday weekend was perfectly uneventful.  Perfect because as enjoyable the hustle and bustle of high season can be for color and hype, the sleepy streets of October twinned with glorious weather, can be equally as memorable.

The island was far from empty, but there was a more local/ family vibe about the weekend.  Not like Easter as this is about the party, but this holiday was about families getting together and enjoying the long weekend weather and having a break together.  Most of the groups of main-landers spent their time at the Split – enjoying the water and probably a Belikin beer or two.  Some ventured out at night to enjoy I&I and the Oceanside but all enjoying Caye Caulker!!

The newest change on the island is the weather … winter is on its way.  Tropical winter, which is unlike what most people think of winter .. no snow, no long sleeves or jackets (well sometimes) but just the cool breeze that when combined with sunshine feels like heaven!  So roll on November and December – all we need now is for the island to be sprinkled with tourists and our Xmas will truly be here!

And finally we have our well needed rain!

On October 10, 2012 in Caye Caulker, News

Muddy streets.The newly created swimming pool beside the Palapa Garden

For tourists the forecast for the next few days is not ideal, although you can always find something fun to do on the island whatever the weather.  For us this rain is well overdue and the earth and the plants are rejoicing in its arrival, plus we are very much enjoying the slightly cooler temperatures the weather brings!!

We were expecting this – the law of averages would have to dictate that rain was on its way as August and September were so unusually dry.  Not that we were complaining, it is great for business for the island and us locals appreciate good weather too!  But the rainy season is the rainy season and it looks like October will go out as being one of the wettest months of the season – thankfully we are closed at Raggamuffin!!!

The downside of the rain must be the pot holes in the roads and the flooded and very slippery streets.  First and foremost let me say that I would not change a thing – the streets are this way because it is the small price we pay to keep them beautifully sandy, if we pave/ tarmac these streets Caye Caulker would instantly lose its charm – don’t you agree?  I have faith that Tiger and his Village Council crew will be around shortly, after this big rain, to fill and smooth down the roads – it is a never ending job but for the most part of the year the roads have been excellent and for that we are grateful.

So, let us enjoy our rain – time to bring out the rain coats and rubber boots and layer up (although it truthfully is still warm) and perhaps, just perhaps, it is time to enjoy a good glass of red wine??